Felis domesticus (1982-1983)

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A Manual of Feline health 1982-1983 represents the proceedings of the Second Annual Feline Health Seminar held in July 1982. Papers by speakers on various topics related to feline health are included.


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    Felis domesticus: A Manual of Feline Health 1982-1983
    Cornell Feline Health Center (New York State College of Veterinary Medicine. Cornell Feline Health Center, 1983)
    Contents include: Section I: Proceedings of Second Annual Feline Health Seminar July 1982: Feline Behavior and Behavior Problems (Thomas R. Wolski); Feline Nutrition (Francis A. Kallfelz); Feline Genetics (Elizabeth A. B. Oltenacu); Common Feline Dematological Disorders (Charles A. Baldwin, Thomas O. Manning); Selected Topics in Feline Internal Medicine (Robert M. DuFort); Feline Respiratory Diseases (Fredric W. Scott); Feline Panleukopenia (Fredric W. Scott); Feline Immunization (Fredric W. Scott); Coronavirus Infections of Cats (Jeffrey E. Barlough); Kitten Mortality Complex (Cheryl A. Stoddart); Kitten Mortality Survey (Cheryl A. Stoddart); Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) (Jeffrey E. Barlough, Carol Pepper); Infectious Diarrheas (Charles A. Baldwin); Feline Surgery (Jim Flanders); Glossary; Section II: Proceedings of Third Annual Feline Health Seminar June 1983: Anatomy of the Cat (Howard E. Evans); Feline Reproduction: Physiology and Reproductive Diseases (Donald H. Lein); Feline Genetics (Judith F. Kinnear); Normal Fetal Development and Congenital Birth Defects in the Cat (Drew M. Noden); Raising Kittens (Robert E. Kirk); First Aid for Cats (Robert W. Kirk); "100+ Happy, Healthy Felines Under One Roof": Operating a Successful Animal Shelter (Ellen Yanow); Design and Management of Shelters and Catteries for Prevention of Infectious Diseases (Fredric W. Scott); "Cat You Catch It From Your Cat?" (Dorothy F. Holmes); Computerized Diagnostics: A Feline Medicine Information System for the '80s (Roy R. V. Pollock); Update on Infectious Diarrheas (Sandy Baldwin); Suggested Readings (Lora Miller); Glossary.