Simon, John F. Jr

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I express my ideas through software. My newest software artwork is concerned with the stability of patterns and how patterns change over time. Software is the medium that allows me to write about change and observe change. It is not like other time-based media (e.g. video, film, and computer animation) where the image sequences are prerecorded. The images my software generates are created as they are viewed and never repeat.


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    2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Simon, John F. Jr. (2009-06-02T15:28:33Z)
    My project is to create a library of original software tools that will be the foundation for future software artworks. In order to keep up with the overwhelming expansion in computer hardware and software, I need a library of code tools that will serve as the basis for my art appliances and interactive book projects. I am looking for funding that will give me time to step back and evaluate all the new game engines, 3D graphics cards and languages (like nVidia's GPU), the new openGL 2.0 standards, and Apple's new development environment for Intel chips. With this information I plan to write a library of tools that takes advantage of newer technologies and expands my existing work in emergence and system simulations. This retooling project is necessary because of the large changes to computer technology in the past six years.
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    Installation Shots-- Supplementary Material
    Simon, John F. Jr (2006-12-11T16:33:33Z)
    Two slides documenting artist installation.
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    Completed Works Summaries --Supplementary Material
    Simon, John F. Jr (2006-12-11T16:30:01Z)
    A summary of works completed by artist.
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    Art Report 2001--Supplementary Material
    Simon, John F. Jr (2006-12-11T16:27:51Z)
    Artist documentation from 2001.
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    Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Simon, John F. Jr (2006-12-11T16:25:42Z)
    The project will be to develop a new style in my software artwork that will combine video elements with programmed computer graphics. My interest is to explore the developing interconnections and dependencies between a human's daily cycle and the programmed loops of computer systems.