Tamang Historical Documents

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The documents in this collection are the result of ethnographic field research by David Holmberg, Kathryn March, Mukta Singh Lama Tamang, and Suryaman Tamang in the regions of ethnic Tamang residence in Nepal. Included in this collection are 113 documents both in Tibetan and in Nepali. They come from both private and monastic holdings and pertain to clan histories, land and labor obligations, and relations between local Tamang communities and the Nepal Government over the last 200 years. The original copies of these documents, if they still exist, remain in the custody of their original owners. We thank all the various individuals and communities who assisted in the assembly and digitizing of these documents. The use of these materials is free and open to all to enhance the widest possible understanding of Tamang ethnohistory. Comments and suggestions should be directed to Kathryn March ( or David Holmberg (


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