Nidham Tarbawi Hasubi lil Ta`alum

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Computerized Educational System for Learning: An Application for Arabic Language
This paper is intended to summarize and complement the two reports prepared by Bawab et al., the linguistic and technical team from The Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology (HIAST) headed by Dr. Muhammad Mrayati of the Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC) in Damascus, Syria. The first, entitled "PC-Based Conjugation of Arabic Verbs," was presented at the Arab School of Science and Technology's Second Spring Session on Information Technology and Applications, sponsored by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and SSRC in May 25-31, 1992. The second (in Arabic), entitled "al Nidham al Sarfi al Nahawi li al `Arabiyah bi al Hasib (Computerized Conjugational and Syntactical System of Arabic)," was presented at the Second Conference on Arabic Computational Linguistics in Kuwait, November 26-29, 1989. The objective of this paper is twofold. One, to provide some suggestions concerning the educational applications of the Expert System (Nidham Khabir) and one of its sub-program, the PC-Based Conjugation of Arabic verbs . During my visit to the SSRC in January 1993, I was asked by the above team to develop these suggestions, based on my practical introduction to the system in addition to reading the above two reports. Both, through the practical demonstration of the system by the team following prior discussions of the linguistic groundwork and information technology that underlie the system, and throughout the reading of the reports, I felt a need to make this work known to all users of Arabic. Thus, the second objective is to share this significant achievement of the Syrian team with Arabic linguists, Teachers of Arabic and scholars of Arabic and Islamic studies.
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Computerized educational system; Arabic language learning; PC-based conjugation of Arabic verbs; Expert system and data-base of Arabic
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