Agricultural Information Worldwide, vol. 6, 2014

dc.contributor.authorMorris-Knower, Jim
dc.contributor.authorGreider, Antoinette Paris
dc.contributor.authorWeiner, Sharon
dc.contributor.authorAgwu, Agwu Ekwe
dc.contributor.authorAmu, Chiebonam Justina
dc.contributor.authorOgbonnah, Elizabeth Ene
dc.contributor.authorAnunobi, Chinwe V.
dc.contributor.authorOgbonna, Andrew U.
dc.contributor.authorAssefa, Shimelis
dc.contributor.authorAlemneh, Daniel Gelaw
dc.contributor.authorRorissa, Abebe
dc.contributor.authorChisenga, Justin
dc.contributor.authorKedemi, Richard
dc.contributor.authorSam, Joel
dc.contributor.authorChisita, Collence Takaingenhamo
dc.contributor.authorMalapela, Thembani
dc.contributor.authorSteiner Davis, Miriam L.E.
dc.contributor.authorTenopir, Carol
dc.contributor.authorAllard, Suzie
dc.contributor.authorDeboin, Marie-Claude
dc.contributor.authorFovet-Rabot, Cécile
dc.contributor.authorEtyang, T. B.
dc.contributor.authorOkello, J. J.
dc.contributor.authorZingore, S.
dc.contributor.authorOkoth, P. F.
dc.contributor.authorMairura, F. S.
dc.contributor.authorMureithi, A.
dc.contributor.authorWaswa, B. S.
dc.contributor.authorFinegold, Cambria
dc.contributor.authorOronje, MaryLucy
dc.contributor.authorLeach, Margo C.
dc.contributor.authorKaranja, Teresia
dc.contributor.authorChege, Florence
dc.contributor.authorHobbs, Shaun L.A.
dc.contributor.authorKasangaki, Patrick
dc.contributor.authorKim, Soonho
dc.contributor.authorKincheloe, Kathryn Pace
dc.contributor.authorGao, Yuan
dc.contributor.authorBerisha, Valdete
dc.contributor.authorMacKenzie, Emily
dc.contributor.authorWaters, Natalie
dc.contributor.authorMiller, Ryan
dc.contributor.authorYerramareddy, Indira
dc.contributor.authorMugonola, Basil
dc.contributor.authorBaliddawa, Callistus
dc.contributor.authorNorris, Jeanette
dc.contributor.authorOdongo, Dorine
dc.contributor.authorPfander, Jeanne L.
dc.contributor.authorHutchinson, Barbara S.
dc.contributor.authorPesce, Valeria
dc.contributor.authorRahr, Matt
dc.contributor.authorSingh, Dheeraj
dc.contributor.authorChaudhary, M. K.
dc.contributor.authorMeena, M. L.
dc.contributor.authorRoy, M. M.
dc.contributor.authorSingh, Neena
dc.contributor.authorChikate, Anil
dc.contributor.authorAlvaré, Luz Marina
dc.contributor.authorTaylor, Katarlah
dc.descriptionAgricultural Information Worldwide, Volume 6, 2014
dc.description.abstractIn this issue: FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK / Jim Morris-Knower (3); Conference Reflections / Antoinette Paris Greider (4). ARTICLES: Keynote Address: The State of Information Literacy Policy: A Global Priority / Sharon Weiner (5); Framing of Climate Change News in Four National Daily Newspapers in Southern Nigeria / Agwu Ekwe Agwu, Chiebonam Justina Amu (11); Access and Use of Information Communication Technologies by Women Staff of Public Extension Service in the North Central Zone of Nigeria / Agwu Ekwe Agwu, Elizabeth Ene Ogbonnah (18); Providing User Preferred Information Resources for a New Faculty of Agriculture, Nnamdi Azikiwe Univeristy, Awka, Nigeria / Chinwe V. Anunobi, Andrew U. Ogbonna (25); Diffusion of Scientific Knowledge in Agriculture: The Case for Africa / Shimelis Assefa, Daniel Gelaw Alemneh, Abebe Rorissa (34); The Use of Social Media in Agricultural Research Workflows in Ghana and Kenya / Justin Chisenga, Richard Kedemi, Joel Sam (48); Towards Mobile Agricultural Information Services in Zimbabwean Libraries: Challenges and Opportunities for Small Sacle Farmers in Utilizing ICTs for Sustainable Food Production / Collence Takaingenhamo Chisita, Thembani Malapela (58); Agriculture and Natural Resource Scientists' Biodiversity Information Needs: Barriers and Facilitators to Use and Access in the U.S. Southeast / Miriam L.E. Steiner Davis, Carol Tenopir, Suzie Allard (66); French Agricultural Research Institute Paves the Way to Open Access: Feedback from CIRAD / Marie-Claude Deboin, Cécile Fovet-Rabot (77); Exploring Relevance of Agro Input Dealers in Disseminating and Communicating of Soil Fertility Management Knowledge: The Case of Siaya and Trans Nzoia Counties, Kenya / T. B. Etyang, J. J. Okello, S. Zingore, P. F. Okoth, F. S. Mairura, A. Mureithi, B. S. Waswa (82); Plantwise Knowledge Bank: Building Sustainable Data and Information Processes to Support Plant Clinics in Kenya / Cambria Finegold, MaryLucy Oronje, Margo C. Leach, Teresia Karanja, Florence Chege, Shaun L.A. Hobbs (96); Innovation in Extension Services for Improved Farmer Access to Agricultural Information in Uganda / Patrick Kasangaki (102); Managing a Web Portal Adapting to New Technologies / Soonho Kim, Kathryn Pace Kincheloe, Yuan Gao, Valdete Berisha (107); Library Outreach to University Farm Staff / Emily MacKenzie, Natalie Waters (114); Enhancing Access to Research in Institutional Repositiories through API / Ryan Miller, Indira Yerramareddy (118); Building Capacity of Smallholder Farmers in Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship Skills in Northern Uganda / Basil Mugonola, Callistus Baliddawa (122); The Data Landscpe of the Coral Triangle / Jeanette Norris (127); Agricultural Information Access Among Smallholder Farmers: Comparative Assessment of Peri-Urban and Rural Settings in Kenya / Dorine Odongo (133); From Local to Global: Launching the New Rangelands West Portals and Database / Jeanne L. Pfander, Barbara S. Hutchinson, Valeria Pesce, Matt Rahr (138); Seed Village Programme: An Innovative Approach for Small Farmers / Dheeraj Singh, M. K. Chaudhary, M. L. Meena, M. M. Roy (143); Transformation of Indian Agricultural Libraries in a Digital and Collaborative Era: A Case Study / Neena Singh, Anil Chikate (147); Collaboration for Impact / Indira Yerramareddy, Luz Marina Alvaré, Katarlah Taylor (157)
dc.identifier.citationInternational Association of Agricultural Information Specialists. (2008). Agricultural information worldwide. Lexington, KY: IAALD Secretariat.
dc.publisherInternational Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD)
dc.subjectInformation Management
dc.subjectInformation Services
dc.titleAgricultural Information Worldwide, vol. 6, 2014


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