Priority Animal Waste Management Research and Education Needs (NRAES 162)

dc.contributor.authorNatural Resource Agriculture and Engineering Service
dc.contributor.authorWright, Peter
dc.contributor.authorPotent, Jeff
dc.contributor.authorTelega, Lee
dc.descriptionThis 11 page publication (NRAES-162) was originally published by the Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (NRAES, previously known as the Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service), a multi-university program in the Northeast US disbanded in 2011. Plant and Life Sciences Publishing (PALS) was subsequently formed to manage the NRAES catalog. Ceasing operations in 2018, PALS was a program of the Department of Horticulture in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Cornell University. PALS assisted university faculty in publishing, marketing and distributing books for small farmers, gardeners, land owners, workshops, college courses, and consumers.
dc.description.abstractImmediately after the NRAES Dairy Manure Systems: Equipment and Technology Conference 3/ 20-22, 2001, participants from the conference, and representatives from the northeast states from NRCS, extension, state agricultural departments, regulatory agencies, and private consultants met to identify and prioritize research and educational needs that were common in the Northeast region. The conference preceding this workshop was an excellent introduction and review of what was known of the waste issues confronting animal agriculture in the northeast. Even though the conference focused on dairy manure, the issues and treatments cut across species. Participants in the workshop had an opportunity to identify priority needs. After all the needs were identified a focused discussion was used to combine and clarify the needs. Each participant was given three stickers each to identify their priority issues in research and education. The results are tabulated here.
dc.identifier.citationNatural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (2002). Priority animal waste management research and education needs. Ithaca, NY: Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service.
dc.publisherNatural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (NRAES)
dc.subjectWaste Management
dc.subjectAgricultural Waste
dc.titlePriority Animal Waste Management Research and Education Needs (NRAES 162)
dc.typeconference papers and proceedings
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