Report of the Alumni Historian, 2013

dc.contributor.authorFogle, Homer William Jr
dc.description44 p; ill.; Tables, Appendices; 28 cm. Electronic reproduction. Original, 15 September 2013. Mode of access: World Wide Web. System requirements: Internet connectivity, World Wide Web browser and Adobe Acrobat reader. Copyright: ©2013 Delta Chi Association, Ithaca NY.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe Alumni Historian recounts activities for FY2012-13: (1) revisions and new editions of established studies, (2) distribution of new Research Notes, (3) status of the Aviators Memorial Committee, (4) status of the Clifton Beckwith Brown Tablet Committee and (5) plans for the forthcoming fiscal year. Appendices convey Chapter and Association information: A (Chapter Officers & Schedule of Charges and Utilization), B (Delta Chi Association Board Data), C (World War I Memorial Tablet Research), D (Proposed Resolutions by the Alumni Historian ―CENSORED), E (Miscellaneous Data and Bibliography), F (Reviewers for the 2013 Handbook), G (IFC 2013 Fraternity Guide Excerpt, Delta Kappa Epsilon), H (Furnace Room Equipment), I (RARE Correspondence), J (DKE-DOS Correspondence) and K (Discussion of Association Reforms and Policies ―ABRIDGED).en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipDelta Chi Association, Ithaca NY.en_US
dc.subjectCollege societies, Greek letter --Delta Kappa Epsilonen_US
dc.subjectCornell University, Delta Kappa Epsilonen_US
dc.subjectDeke House (Ithaca N.Y.) --Historyen_US
dc.subjectDelta Kappa Epsilon --Historyen_US
dc.titleReport of the Alumni Historian, 2013en_US


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