DigitalCollections@ILR offers electronic access to unique material that encompasses every aspect of the workplace. It is a service of the Martin P. Catherwood Library (serving Cornell University's ILR School), and Cornell University Library. Research and scholarly output including journal articles, working papers, and reports have been selected for inclusion in DC@ILR by the individual departments, centers, institutes, and programs within the ILR School, and deposited by authors or the staff at the Catherwood Library.

In addition, DC@ILR houses collections of digital material selected by the librarians and archivists at Catherwood. These collections were created out of a growing concern over the loss of born digital materials and grey literature and the desire to ensure access to these resources for current and future students, faculty, and researchers. We offer these digital collections as part of its ongoing mission to serve as a comprehensive information center in support of the research, instruction, and service commitments of the ILR School and Cornell community.

We are committed to the long term accessibility of all items in DC@ILR: each item is assigned a persistent handle, and metadata records are maintained even for withdrawn content. There are no access restrictions for any content housed within the repository except for embargoes as required by publishers, and all content may be freely accessed by search engines.

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  • Franchisor Power as Employment Control 

    Elmore, Andrew; Griffith, Kati L. (University of California Berkeley School of Law, 2021-08)
    Labor and employment laws are systematically underenforced in low-wage, franchised workplaces. Union contracts, and the benefits and protections they provide, are nonexistent. The Fight for Fifteen movement has brought ...
  • Back to the Future of Local Elections: Reestablishing Resident Voting Rights to Strengthen Municipal Democracy 

    Weaver, Russell (2021-12)
    In the U.S., voting is treated as a discretionary political right rather than an inalienable natural right, meaning that who can and cannot vote is subject to variation over time and space. Although Americans are taught ...
  • Why the Press Doesn't Understand You, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do About It 

    Jaschik, Scott (2006-08-09)
    This is a video of Scott Jaschik's keynote presentation "Why the Press Doesn't Understand You, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do About It," delivered at the Institute for Community College Development’s recent Leadership ...
  • The New Possible: Innovative Workforce Development and Skills Maps for Tompkins County 

    Greer, Ian; Weaver, Russell; Belot, Michèle; Lewis, Eric; Jautz, Alec; Kalmyka, Yana; Rosin, Mitch; Wang, Linda; Branosky, Natalie (2021-02)
    This report examines the pandemic’s effects on the labor market, including the changing skills needs of employers, the availability of workers with those skills, and how existing skills can be adapted and “outskilled” to ...
  • The Gender Policy Report: Seizing the Moment to Make Our Care Systems More Equitable 

    Pinto, Sanjay; Campos-Medina, Patricia; Mabud, Rakeen; Wagner, K.C. (University of Minnesota, 2021-05-27)
    The Biden administration’s $600 billion in proposed federal funding for childcare and long-term care is rightly being framed as an investment in the nation’s core “infrastructure.” Indeed, a robust and equitable care ...
  • In Memory of Thomas P. Golden 

    K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability (K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability, 2021)
    Within these pages are memories and messages of dozens of people whose lives Thomas Golden touched. Thomas left this world, or "winged" as his wife Janel characterized it, on November 1, 2020, after a battle with pancreatic ...
  • WIOA Title I partnership development for vocational rehabilitation professionals: A curriculum guide 

    O'Sullivan, Kate; Osmani, Kimberly J.; Romero, Kristal; Saleh, Matthew; Spangler, Don; Showalter, Thomas (Institute for Educational Leadership, 2020)
    This guide is one of a series of resources developed by Y-TAC to help VR professionals expand and strengthen transition services avail-able to eligible youth, ages 16-to-24. Prepared for Y-TAC by the National Youth Employment ...
  • My Manager Moved: Manager Mobility and Subordinate Career Outcomes 

    Beck, Minseo; Bidwell, Mathew; Keller, J. R. (Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, 2021-08)
    Managers change jobs with some frequency. Considerable research has focused on the implications of these moves for both the managers and their organizations. But what about subordinates who are left behind? What happens ...
  • Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being During COVID-19 and Beyond 

    Jordan, Tiffany; Mladenovic, Nate (Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, 2021-03)
    Employee health and well-being, long concerns of corporations, took center stage with the advent of COVID-19. Just before the pandemic, major companies were spending an average of 3.5 million a year on special programs to ...
  • Remote Work in the Time of COVID-19: Key Learnings and Implications 

    Jung, Hae-Song; Silva, Ralf (Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, 2021-02)
    Until recently, remote work was a way of life in a few firms, a hit or miss proposition in others, and a twinkle in the eyes of many more. With COVID-19, all bets were off; suddenly remote work became a way of life for ...

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