Labor Research Review, Volume 1, Number 17 (1991)

An Organizing Model of Unionism

Recent Submissions

  • Labor Bookshelf 

    Metzgar, Jack (1991-04-01)
    [Excerpt] The four books under review here argue against the statistics by telling story upon story of the activities that clearly have the potential for reversing labor's demise. Most of the stories are about defensive ...
  • An Inside Game in Wisconsin: IBEW 1791 vs. Marathon Electric 

    Kurschner, Dale (1991-04-01)
    [Excerpt] By the mid-1980s, allegations of union busting had become as common in the upper Midwest's labor environment as management claims that competition was forcing it to seek concessions. Regardless of management's ...
  • Striking NYNEX 

    Early, Steve (1991-04-01)
    [Excerpt] The four-month strike by 60,000 telephone workers at NYNEX in 1989 was one of the largest and most significant anti-concession struggles of the decade. In an era when many unions have lost highly publicized ...
  • Organizing Never Stops 

    Muehlenkamp, Robert (1991-04-01)
    [Excerpt] When we have a demonstration or we have a picketline in our local union and we want the members to come out and we want the members to participate, why is it that Eddie's area in our union has the most participation, ...
  • Organizing for Everything We Do: CWA at AT&T and US West 

    Butler, Margaret (1991-04-01)
    [Excerpt] In the Communications Workers of America, we've been facing tough challenges in recent years. Add Reaganomics to the breakup of the Bell System and changing technology, and you have a formula for a rough time at ...
  • Creating a Culture of Organizing: ACTWU's Education for Empowerment 

    La Luz, Jose (1991-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Providing rank-and-file members opportunities to participate and learn from their own experiences in organizing other workers is not only a very powerful educational tool. It also goes a long way in creating a ...
  • New York's 1199 in 1989: Rebuilding a Troubled Union 

    Hudson, Gerald; Caress, Barbara (1991-04-01)
    [Excerpt] 1199's contract campaign of 1989 resulted in more than a contract victory for 50,000 hospital and nursing home workers. It marked the moment when 1199 reconstituted itself. The method and form that reconstitution ...
  • Contract Servicing From An Organizing Model: Don't Bureaucratize, Organize! 

    Conrow, Teresa (1991-04-01)
    [Excerpt] It was about four o'clock in the afternoon. I looked again at the phone messages in front of me. Negotiations were to begin the following week, and copies of contract proposals covered my desk. I looked at the ...
  • Creating A Monster: AFSCME's Ready-to-Fight in Illinois 

    Halpern, Abel (1991-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Frequent media images of hundreds of county workers marching in front of public buildings in Rockford, Illinois, chanting confrontational slogans, rocked an otherwise sedate community. In an area where trade ...


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