Labor Research Review, Volume 1, Number 13 (1989)

Solidarity Across Borders: U.S. Labor in a Global Economy

Recent Submissions

  • Beyond Mythology: A Reply to Paul Garver 

    Kahn, Tom (1989-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Unlike many critics of the AFL-CIO's foreign policies, and especially of its International Affairs Department, Paul Garver speaks with a reasonable, almost academic voice. Only the stonehearted can fail to be ...
  • The Real Trade Wars: Solidarity & Worker Rights 

    Witt, Matt (1989-04-01)
    [Excerpt] One tactic some Americans are exploring, I tell her, is to demand that access for imports into the rich U.S. market be dependent on respect for basic worker rights abroad. By tying trade rights to worker rights, ...
  • World Trade & U.S. Jobs 

    Bensman, David (1989-04-01)
    [Excerpt] It has become obvious to everyone in and around the U.S. labor movement that our problems involve the global arena. Hundreds of thousands of trade unionists have seen their employers shut down plants and shift ...
  • Beyond the Cold War: New Directions for Labor Internationalism 

    Garver, Paul (1989-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Achieving real solidarity across national borders and around the globe is a difficult undertaking, one which little in our experience has prepared us for. Language barriers, differences in cultures and political ...
  • Women, Solidarity & the Global Factory 

    Kamel, Rachael (1989-04-01)
    [Excerpt] For many of us who are concerned with international labor issues, a new image has come to represent our collective understanding of the global economy. It is an image of women in Third World nations toiling under ...
  • Using Labor's Trade Secretariats 

    Uehlein, Joe (1989-04-01)
    [Excerpt] An international trade secretariat (ITS) is a world-wide federation of unions in a particular industry or industries. Since their inception, ITSs have operated with their primary focus in Europe. Only one, the ...
  • Working Women & the Food Secretariat 

    Grune, Joy Anne (1989-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Today, huge companies spanning the face of the earth are mounting a global challenge to the living standards and dignity of working people. While it may be expensive and difficult to build a genuine international ...
  • L.A. Labor & the New Immigrants 

    Stansbury, Jeff (1989-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Did the Ideal strikers win their union? No. Like many companies, Ideal Dyeing used the owner-skewed provisions of the National Labor Relations Act to delay a settlement, hire replacements and maintain production. ...
  • One More Hole in the Wall: The Lunafil Strikers in Guatemala 

    Hogness, Peter (1989-04-01)
    [Excerpt] The Coke workers' victory was all the more remarkable given the killings that had decimated the Guatemalan labor movement. Between 1978 and 1984, tens of thousands of Guatemalan civilians were murdered by the ...


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