Labor Research Review, Volume 1, Number 11 (1988)

Feminizing Unions

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  • Labor Bookshelf 

    Metzgar, Jack (1988-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Steel and auto. These are the basics of American basic industry, and the United Steelworkers and United Autoworkers, representing workers in these industries, have been at the very core of the American labor ...
  • Women Miners' Fight for Parental Leave 

    Totten, Cosby; Totten, Goldie; Rostan, June (1988-04-01)
    [Excerpt] In the late 1970s, for the first time in our nation's history, coal miners started getting pregnant. In many cases, the mother had spent years fighting to get her coal mining job, fought against sexual harassment ...
  • Toward Ambidexterity 

    Eisenberg, Susan (1988-04-01)
    A poem.
  • Black Women in the Labor Movement: Interviews with Clara Day & Johnnie Jackson 

    Unknown author (1988-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Labor unions, like all other institutions in our society, have participated in the racial and sexual discrimination which has made life so difficult for blacks and women. Yet black women are among the strongest ...
  • Pioneering Women's Committee Struggles with Hard Times 

    Brown, Alex; Sheridan, Laurie (1988-04-01)
    [Excerpt] The Women's Committee of IUE Local 201, established informally in 1976 and officially in 1978, is one of the oldest and longest-lived union women's committees in the country. It took root and thrived within a ...
  • Blood and Justice: Red Cross Nurses on Strike 

    Conrow, Teresa (1988-04-01)
    [Excerpt] For 10 days in April 1987 the nurses who draw blood at Red Cross blood centers in Los Angeles and Orange counties were on strike. Try to picture their situation: These were 225 workers who are spread out at 30 ...
  • Window on the North: Women's Issues & Labour in Canada 

    Stinson, Jane (1988-04-01)
    [Excerpt] Canadian trade union women have witnessed important developments over the past few years. Gains are being made on issues of concern to us, such as pay equity, child care and paid leave of absence for family-related ...
  • Pioneering 

    Eisenberg, Susan (1988-04-01)
    A poem dedicated to "the tradeswomen of '78".
  • Asian Immigrant Women & HERE Local 2 

    Lee, Patricia (1988-04-01)
    [Excerpt] This article tells the story of a local union and a community group who, in pursuit of multinational and multiracial solidarity within their own organizations, have coalesced to help immigrants defend themselves ...

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