Labor Research Review, Volume 1, Number 2 (1983).

The Crisis in Steel: Jobs, Profits, Communities

Recent Submissions

  • Lackawanna & Johnstown: Shutdowns, Steel Towns and the Union 

    Metzgar, Jack (1983)
    [Excerpt] On December 27, 1982, Bethlehem announced that it was all over for Lackawanna. Ironically, this was greeted with a sigh of relief in Johnstown. Ever since 1965 when Bethlehem built a multi-billion dollar greenfield ...
  • Job Combinations and Speed-up in Steel 

    Bensman, David (1983)
    [Excerpt] The Rail Mill Manning Agreement at South works in not unique. Reducing labor costs by combining jobs is a key part of the steel companies' strategy for regaining profitability. MCLR has conducted a survey of five ...
  • Concessions Rejected 

    Inland Steel, East Chicago, Indiana, USWA Local 1010 Steelworker (1983)
    [Excerpt] On November 19, steelworkers came within 90 votes of making giveaways worth as much as $6 billion dollars to the basic steel industry. By a vote of 231-141 the Presidents who make up the Basic Steel Industry ...
  • The End of Affirmative Action? Work Rule Concessions at South Works 

    Alexander, Steve (1983)
    [Excerpt] The recent Rail Mill Manning Agreement between U.S. Steel South Works and Local 65 of the United Steelworkers of America changed both the local and Basic Labor Agreements. This paper will demonstrate the adverse ...
  • Some Notes on Labor Costs 

    Rosenberg, Sam; Dubois, Tom (1983)
    [Excerpt] In the past year the steel companies have mounted a tremendous publicity campaign to get the public to believe that labor costs are at the root of the industry's problems. No aspect of the companies' argument ...
  • Concessions at South Works: What Price a Rail Mill? 

    Bensman, David (1983)
    [Excerpt] Things are grim in South Chicago. Two years ago, Wisconsin Steel went bankrupt, leaving 4,000 steelworkers without jobs, pension plans, and their last paycheck. Then Pullman Standard closed, after United Steelworkers ...
  • Comment on Jobs and Profits in Steel 

    Shattuck, Dennis (1983)
    [Excerpt]As Tom DuBois and Jack Metzgar point out in their articles, the American steelworker is approaching an important crossroads. In the next decade, the enormous changes the steel industry started in the late seventies ...
  • Would Wage Concessions Help the Steel Industry? 

    Metzgar, Jack (1983)
    [Excerpt]The American steel industry is dying. 150,000 steelworkers are laid off, and thousands of them will never work in steel again. The steel companies will report losses of some $2 billion for 1982, and Wall Street ...
  • Steel: Past the Crossroads 

    DuBois, Tom (1983)
    [Excerpt] A majority of the 154,532 steelworkers who are presently laid off will never go back to work. They will be shut out of the steel industry because the steel companies have a new game plan. They plan to increase ...


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