Labor Research Review, Volume 1, Number 1 (1982).

Labor Community Unity: The Morse Strike Against Disinvestment and Concessions

Recent Submissions

  • Interview With Janet Saglio 

    Unknown author (1982-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Janet Saglio is head of the Business Department at the Industrial Cooperative Association (ICA) based in Somerville, Mass. The ICA works with union locals that are: a) considering an employee buy-out, or b) seeking ...
  • Gulf + Western: A Model of Conglomerate Disinvestment 

    Harrison, Bennett (1982-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Historically, the great majority of businesses in this industry have been small, and locally (often family) owned. Sometimes a skilled machinist leaves one firm to set up a new one, with a small bank loan and ...
  • Investment & Strategy at Morse Cutting Tool 

    Industrial Cooperative Association (ICA) (1982-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Local #277 of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America contracted with the ICA for a preliminary assessment of the long term viability of Morse Cutting Tools. The union had become alarmed by ...
  • UE Local 277's Strike at Morse Cutting Tool 

    Swinney, Dan (1982-09-01)
    [Excerpt] In the Spring of 1982, a small local union took on a conglomerate giant and won. What initially appeared as a battle over concessions at Morse Cutting Tool, a subsidiary of Gulf+Western in New Bedford, Massachusetts, ...


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