The Catherwood Library and ILR School at Cornell are pleased to again make available an extremely important index of major labor union publications, long out of print. It is Lloyd G. Reynolds and Charles C. Killingsworth's Trade Union Publications: The Official Journals, Convention Proceedings and Constitutions of International Unions and Federations, 1850-1941. Baltimore, The John Hopkins Press, 1944.

This remarkable reference tool is in three volumes. It provides a subject index to the vast literature of the American union movement from its birth to World War II where none existed before and for which none has been created since.

The first volume in the set is a bibliographic essay which offers, a brief chronology of the history of each union covered and an authoritative bibliography of its convention proceedings, constitutions and journal titles from the creation of the union to 1941.

For major unions or those the history of which is particularly interesting, substantive critiques of the union's publications are offered, as well, in volume 1. These brief essays frequently comment on the political point of view of the editors of the publications or describe the internal politics within the unions that were reflected in it publications.

Volumes 2 and 3 of the set index the actual publications of 53 trade unions and federations by subject. The second volume begins with a complete list of index headings. Users of this index should carefully peruse the entire 22 pages of this list before trying to use the index since its terminology is dated and some of the subjects selected are somewhat idiosyncratic.

Users should also study Explanation of Reference System and Code Numbers of Unions. which list the access numbers for the unions and union federations indexed therein.

The listing below includes the complete text of each volume. For ease of download and browsing, individual chapters and smaller sections of the subject indexes are also provided.

Volume I: Description and Bibliography

Volume II: Subject Index

Volume III: Subject Index (concluded)

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