High Road Policy (HRP) publishes quarterly memoranda on legislation, proposals, campaigns, governance arrangements, and other practical strategies for advancing a more democratic economy rooted in values of shared prosperity, environmental sustainability, and participatory democracy. Memos are grounded in a combination of empirical evidence, academic scholarship, and lessons learned from practice. HRP memos contribute actionable insights to contemporary policy and political discourses in and beyond the regions and communities of Upstate New York.

HRP is a project of the Cornell ILR Buffalo Co-Lab’s Data for Equitable Economic Development and Sustainability (Good DEEDS) initiative, which democratizes local and regional data for the purposes of: empowering residents, workers, and institutions; informing public policy debates; and providing an empirical basis for ensuring that development and change in local communities follows the High Road to shared prosperity for all, from the present to all future generations. To learn more, visit the High Road Policy website.

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