The purpose of the Center for Hospitality Research is to enable and conduct research of significance to the global hospitality and related service industries. The center also works to improve the connections between academe and industry, continuing the School of Hotel Administration’s long-standing tradition of service to the hospitality industry. Founded in 1992, CHR remains the industry’s foremost creator and distributor of timely research, all of which is posted at no charge for all to use. In addition to its industry advisory board, CHR convenes several industry roundtables each year for the purpose of identifying new issues affecting the hospitality industry.

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  • Second Quarter 2021: Are We There Yet? 

    Liu, Crocker; Nowak, Adam; White, Robert Jr (2021-07-15)
    United States hotel prices have rebounded above their statistical lower bound in all regions except the Mountain states, signaling a return toward their pre-pandemic level—although we are not quite there yet. Prices of ...
  • The Phoenix Is Rising 

    Liu, Crocker; Nowak, Adam; White, Robert Jr (2021-04-19)
    Although the price of hotels along the east coast declined again this quarter the rate of decline has continued to lessen. Hotels in gateway cities reversed course, outperforming hotels in non-gateway cities. Our moving ...
  • Consumer Perceptions of Restaurant Delivery Fees 

    Kimes, Sheryl; Chen, Chaoqun (2021-03-11)
    As a substantial number of restaurants have implemented pickup and delivery as a large part of their business, restaurant operators must consider customers’ reactions to the structure of pickup and delivery charges. To ...
  • Sustainability in the Era of COVID-19 

    Varney, Jeanne; Adalja, Aaron (2021-02-19)
    As with all things 2020, the 11th annual Center for Hospitality Research Sustainability Roundtable took on a distinctively different format, a virtual webinar format. It would have been easy to “take a pass” on holding the ...
  • Customer Engagement: The Key to Long-term Loyalty and Impact 

    Anderson, Christopher; Han, Saram (2021-02-01)
    In today’s physically separated world of hospitality, engagement and interaction between hoteliers and guests are taking new forms but are still as critical as ever. In a series of studies using data from a well-known hotel ...
  • A Glimmer of Hope Amidst a Hemorrhage 

    Liu, Crocker; Nowak, Adam; White, Robert Jr (2021-01-20)
    Prices of hotels along the east coast continue to drop, although the rate of decline has moderated. Hotels on the west coast enjoyed positive price momentum, both on a quarter-over-quarter or year-over-year basis. Hotels ...
  • Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index 2020: Carbon, Energy, and Water 

    Ricaurte, Eric; Jagarajan, Rehmaashini (2020-11-13)
    The seventh annual Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking study includes data from considerably more hotels than last year. While the bulk of the data still come from hotels in the United States, the study also recorded ...
  • Is It Time for Bottom Fishing? 

    Liu, Crocker; Nowak, Adam; White, Robert Jr (2020-10-12)
    The prices of hotels in all regions continue to hemorrhage, with hotels in the Middle Atlantic and South Atlantic regions particularly hard hit. In contrast, hotels in the Mountain states suffered the fewest losses. Hotels ...
  • 2019-2020 Year in Review 

    Center for Hospitality Research (2020-10-08)
    2019-2020 Annual Review published by the staff of the Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration.
  • Neemrana Hotels: Building a Heritage Hospitality Brand 

    Dev, Chekitan; Stroock, Laure Mougeot (2020-10-06)
    Neemrana Hotels, a heritage hospitality brand in India with a portfolio of 18 unique historical properties, was celebrating its 28th anniversary. Aman Nath (Exhibit 1), its founder and co-chairman had reasons to be proud, ...

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