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  • A cover crop can provide 

    Gregory, John; Henry, Alan; Jess, Kevin (2019-11)
    An educational parody of “A Country Boy Can Survive” by Hank Williams Jr. focusing on the benefit that cover crops can provide, along with covering other topics learned in PLSCS 1900. Topics such as IPM, cover crops, soil ...
  • Beneath the wool 

    Markowski, Cheyenne; Kreizel, Pinchas; Lemgruber Viol, Giovanna (2019-11)
    Our film looks at sustainable sheep farming. We interview Judy ‘Basha’ Genova who raises sheep using sustainable methods and Dr. Michael Thonneywho directs the Cornell Sheep Program and researches sheep in solar farms.
  • Cornell and New York State's commitment to cannabis sustainability 

    Kirshenbaum, Lucas (2019-11)
    The cannabis plant has always been one of the most discussed crops ever since it was outlawed in America. It’s medicinal, social, and economic value are unmatched when comparing it to other crops. The medical marijuana and ...
  • Farm to friend 

    Miller, Leigh; Raju, Teevyah (2019-11)
    Two friends explore where their milk comes from by visiting an organic dairy farmer, Chandler Benson. They learn about his farm, Bensvue Farms, which is part of the Organic Valley Co-op.
  • Food for thought 

    Walvoord, Bailey; Kuang, Maggie (2019-11)
    This film is a spoof of a late-night talk show. The topic is perennial crop grow, with a specific focus on perennial grains. Through lots of light-hearted comedy and current research, we show the positive and negative ...
  • Hall Apiaries Redefining commercial beekeeping one hive at a time 

    Crosier, Catherine (2019-11)
    This film challenges the standards of the current commercial beekeeping industry through the example of Hall Apiaries, a successful, treatment-free commercial beekeeping operation located in Plainfield,New Hampshire. The ...
  • Hungry for change 

    DelConte, Danielle (2019-11)
    "Hungry for a Change” highlights Clucked Out Farm in Pulaski, New York, owned by John and Jana Weiland. Their goal is to live sustainably and get back in touch with food production while providing their community a connection ...
  • Irresponsible irrigation is insane 

    Brown, Harrison (2019-11)
    My video was filmed at Orchard Dale Fruit Company in Waterport New York, a 215 year old family farm. It focuses on how farms in western New York manage their water using current practices for irrigation as well as water ...
  • Organic matter matters 

    Grass, Camilla; Ghobadian, Ava; Evans, Ali (2019-11)
    This video is based on informative talk shows (similar to a less satirical SNL). It goes over organic matter and how it can help in agriculturethrough compost and other practical applications.
  • Sustainable production of Ham 

    Chatrchyan, Elena; Chrisman, Seth (2019-11)
    Sustainable Production of “HAM”​ is not actually about sustainable pork or ham production. Instead, it discusses the 10 practices for sustainable agriculture, whathappens when we aren’t sustainable, and the Brundtland ...

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