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dc.contributor.authorPe'eri, Shackak
dc.contributor.authorParrish, Christopher
dc.contributor.authorJohnson, Nicholas
dc.contributor.authorMacon, Christopher
dc.contributor.authorWhite, Stephen
dc.description.abstractIn order to be able to provide a clean georeferenced point cloud for analysis and production, it is important to conduct a performance evaluation of an ALB system prior to conducting a survey. The term "performance evaluation" here refers to the tests that accompany the delivery of the ALB system from the manufacturer to the service provider, and the approaches presented are based on the experience of U.S. government agencies and service providers. Specifics of the evaluation can vary substantially based on user requirements and available resources. In this chapter, a general overview of common procedures is provided regarding the approaches used for an ALB system performance evaluation. Some of the approaches reviewed below have been used with topographic lidar systems and for acoustic ship-borne transducers (namely, multibeam echosounders), but have not yet been tested with ALB systems. Although the manufacturer may have already conducted some calibration tests when a new system was first delivered to the surveyor, it is important to repeat the procedures again using the service provider's aircraft. The six parameters that are used to evaluate the systems are: system health, noise evaluation, coverage evaluation, geometric calibration, accuracy evaluation and image/intensity quality evaluation. In addition to acceptance, these parameters can be used as a baseline for future evaluation on the system, namely degradation or changes in the ALB system over time.
dc.subjectSystem health
dc.subjectgeometric calibration
dc.subjectradiometric calibration
dc.subjectbuilt-in self test (BIST)
dc.subjectrelative accuracy
dc.subjectsensor model
dc.subjectsensor body frame (SBF)
dc.titleChapter 6: Performance Evaluation
dc.typebook chapter

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