The Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library (KMODDL) is an open access, multimedia resource for learning and teaching about kinematics – the geometry of pure motion – and the history and theory of machines. KMODDL is a pedagogical space designed for use by teachers and researchers, as well as students at a range of educational levels, and other learners, young and adult. The original core of KMODDL is the Reuleaux Collection of Mechanisms and Machines, an important collection of 19th-century machine elements held by Cornell University’s Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

This Collection contains Reference materials pertaining to kinematics.

For more information, please go to the Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library on the College of Enginnering's web site.

Recent Submissions

  • De Ingeneis, V. II, The Notebook 

    Taccola, Mariano (Wiesbaden:L. Reichert, 1984)
    Liber primus Leonis, Liber Secundus Draconis, Addenda. Books I and II, on engins, and Addenda (the Notebook). Taccola's Introduction, Drawings of Engines and Latin Texts, Descriptions of Engines in English Translation, ...
  • Sibley College, Cornell University: New Schools of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Arts 

    Unknown author (New York: Scientific American, 1885-10-17)
    An article in Scientific American, October 17, 1885, Vol. LIII, No. 16 [New Series], pp. 247-248. The cover shows a montage of pictures of the Sibley College, Cornell University. The upper left corner shows cabinets with ...
  • Catalog of Reuleaux Models 

    Schröder, J. (Darmstadt: Polytechnisches Arbeits-Institut, 1899)
    Polytechnisches Arbeits-Institut. Illustrationen von Unterrichts-Modellen und Apparateni
  • Kunstliche Abrisz allerhand Wasser- Wind- Rosz- und Handt Muhlen 

    Strada, Jacobus (Franckfurt am Mayn: Getruckt durch Paulum Iacobi in Verlegung Octavii de Strada, 1617)
    Beneben schönen und nützlichen Pompen auch andern Machinen damit das Wasser in Höhe zuerheben, auch lustige Brunnen und Wasserwerck, dergleichen vor diesem nie gesehen worden... Nunmehr... durch den Truck publicirt...durch ...
  • The Influence of the Technical Sciences upon General Culture 

    Reuleaux, Franz (New York: Columbia University, 1885-10)
    Translated from the German by W. Kunhardt. School of Mines Quarterly, Vol VII, No 1, October 1885, pp. 67-94.

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