Recent Submissions

  • Collected Fictions: Some Masterpieces 

    Boletto, Ottavia; Zau, Christina; Judge-Tyson, Morgan; Lee, Ji Eun; Dmitrashchuk, Aleksandr; Munoz, Jorge Alberto; Ely, Catie; Yu, Linjun; Xu, Jicheng; Xu, Tianjun; Kim, Hyung Joon; Wei, Jiaying; Zhang, Yilin; Gil, Fabiana; Berenger, Robin; Rubin, Nicole; Wong, Andrew (AAP College of Architecture, Art and Planning, Cornell University, 2017)
    The Collected Fictions Project explores the blurry boundaries of our memory in understanding architecture masterpieces. The role of photography in massively disseminating those works is clear, as it is also in trying to ...


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