The cases in this section illustrate the role of food markets and food marketing in the economy and discuss the links between farmers and markets. These cases discuss policies designed to help integrate small farmers into the market economy, with emphasis on the facilitation of contract farming, collective bargaining, farmer associations, food price stabilization, and the successful development of high-value agriculture on small farms. They also discuss the increasing concentration of food retailers and wholesalers, the role of government, and the importance of infrastructure to facilitate market-based poverty reduction.

Recent Submissions

  • The Dairy Sector of Armenia: Relationships among Supply Chain Members 

    Poleshkina, Irina; Peplozyan, Elbis (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2016)
    Agriculture plays a special role in transition economies, in both economic and social terms. The sector produces a major portion of the country's GDP and not only provides food but often serves as the only source of income ...
  • The Growth of Supermarkets and its Implications for Smallholders in Uganda 

    Elepu, Gabriel (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2009)
    The growth of supermarkets is a phenomenon that characterizes many developing countries. The growth of supermarkets in Uganda can be attributed to the country's favorable investment climate coupled with the increase in ...
  • Rural Road Investments, Agricultural Development, and Poverty Alleviation in China 

    Shimokawa, Satoru (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
    Beginning in late 1978, China adopted a series of policy and institutional reforms and achieved rapid economic growth and poverty reduction. National gross domestic product (GDP) grew at more than 9 percent a year from ...
  • The Growing Trend of Farmers' Markets in the United States 

    Phillips, Erica (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
    Farmers' markets have surged in popularity in the United States during the past 30 years. Since the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) began collecting information on farmers' markets in 1994, the number of markets ...
  • Food Price Stabilization Policies in a Globalizing World 

    Rashid, Shahidur (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
    This case examines various aspects of food price instability. It focuses on (1) the sources of price instability, (2) various policy options and the conditions under which they are viable, and (3) experiences with both ...
  • Enhancing Smallholder Farmers' Market Competitiveness in Tanzania 

    Kawa, Ibrahim; Kaitira, Loyce M. (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
    Tanzanian agriculture is dominated by small-scale subsistence farming. Like the entire economy, agriculture is in a transition from being a command to a market-based production system. The transition process started in the ...
  • Contract Farming in Costa Rica: A Case Study on Contracts in Pepper Farming 

    Sáenz-Segura, Fernando; D'Haese, Marijke; Ruben, Ruerd (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
    Contract farming is defined as an agreement, which may range from a simple verbal commitment to a written document, between a farmer and a firm, in which the farmer agrees to deliver fresh or partially processed products ...
  • Small-Farm Access to High-Value Horticultural Markets in Kenya 

    Dever, Joseph (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
    The goals of poverty alleviation and rural agricultural development have long been elusive among poor Sub-Saharan Africa countries. Rural areas still lag behind urban ones in economic growth, and formerly lucrative export ...
  • Smallholder Farmers' Access to Markets for High-Value Agricultural Commodities in India 

    Birthal, P. S.; Joshi, P. K. (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
    Sustained economic and income growth, a fastgrowing urban population, and the increasing integration of global agri-food markets are fueling rapid growth in demand for high-value food commodities in India. This is an ...
  • A Revolution in the Making: The Case of Agro-Food Retailing in India 

    Narayanan, Sudha (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
    Recent discussions of global agro-food systems have turned the spotlight on food retailing. Observers concur that globalization has been accompanied by, and may have aided, retail concentration in agro-food markets. This ...

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