Since 1995, I have been developing World of Awe. It is an integrated-media project that takes the form of a parallel world, which questions how a personal reality is constructed. What's a fact? What's a belief? What's the difference between knowing, believing, feeling or thinking? Where does our sense of self begin and end? At the core of "World of Awe" is The Traveler's Journal-an original story about a search for a lost treasure. Using the ancient genre of the traveler's tale, the project draws connections between storytelling, travel, memory and technology. This personal journey visits the deserted places of memory and imagination ranging from the lament over the absence of a lover to a comical declaration of loyalty to a floppy disk.

Recent Submissions

  • 2005 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal 

    Kanarek, Yael (2007-01-19)
    "Chapter 3: Object of Desire" is a net artwork created under the larger umbrella of the integrated-media project World of Awe. At the core of World of Awe is a traveler's journal that explores the connections between ...


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