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In 1962 a young Umberto Eco wrote Opera Aperta (The Open Work) and described the new concept of a work of art which is defined as structural relationships between elements which can be modulated to make a series of distinct works. Individuals such as Cage, Calder, and Agam are examples of artists working in this manner contemporary to Eco's text. While all artworks are interpreted by the individual, he distinguished the interpretation involved in this approach to making art as fundamentally different from the interpretation of a musician playing from a score or a person looking at a painting. An open work presents a field of possibilities where the material form as well as the semantic content is open.

Recent Submissions

  • 2008 Rockefeller New Media Fellow 

    Reas, (Casey) C.E.B. (2009-06-09)
    My ongoing work explores the dialectical relationship between naturally evolved systems and those that are engineered and synthetic. The imagery evokes transformation and visualizes systems in motion and at rest. Equally ...
  • 2005 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal 

    Reas, Casey (2007-01-05)
    Processing is an open source software project written by artists, for the use of other artists. It's an entirely different way of thinking about computers as an artistic media. Processing is a programming language and ...


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