The Department of Computer Science at Cornell University, which was organized in 1965, is one of the oldest departments of its kind in the country. It has a full-time faculty of 36, approximately 110 resident Ph.D. graduate students, 100 M.Eng students, and the undergraduate program graduates about 200 C.S. majors each year. The department is typically ranked as one of the top five in the country.

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  • Tamperproof Provenance-Aware Storage for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 

    Adams, Danny; Rubambiza, Gloire; Fiori, Pablo; Wang, Xinwen; Weatherspoon, Hakim; Van Renesse, Robbert (2020-12-08)
    This paper presents a middleware for providing a mobile ad hoc network with tamperproof provenance-aware storage, even when some fraction of devices can be Byzantine. Important considerations include fast propagation of ...
  • On the Modelling Power of Petri Nets 

    Meiling, Erik (Cornell University, 1979-12)
    The behavior of a Petri net is expressed as a formal language. Certain families of Petri net languages are characterized by propositions similar to the classical pumping theorems. The results are used to give examples ...
  • Cand and Cor Before and Then or Else in Ada 

    Gries, David (Cornell University, 1979-11)
  • A Proof Technique for Communicating Sequential Processes(With an Example) 

    Levin, Gary Marc (Cornell University, 1979-11)
    We present proof rules for an extension of the Communicating Sequential Processes proposed by Hoare. The send and receive statements are treated symmetrically, simplifying the rules and allowing send to appear in guards. ...
  • On Linear Natural Deduction 

    Leivant, Daniel (Cornell University, 1979-11)
  • The System Architecture for CORE: A Tolerant Program Development Environment 

    Archer, James E., Jr.; Conway, Richard W.; Shore, Andrew I.; Silver, Leonard S. (Cornell University, 1979-10)
    CORE is a program development environment intended primarily to explore a highly tolerant useer interface. In some respects the internal architecture is also novel. It permits a highly interactive and supportive user ...
  • A Program Development System Execution Supervisor 

    Archer, James E., Jr.; Shore, Andrew I. (Cornell University, 1979-10)
    The Cornell Program Development System is an experimental vehicle to explore the applicability of highly cooperative tactics to a contemporary development environment. The CPDS provides significant facilities for modifying ...
  • Quadratic Programming with M-Matrices 

    Luk, Franklin T.; Pagano, Marcello (Cornell University, 1979-10)
    In this paper, we study the problem of quadratic programming with M-matrices. We describe (1) an effective algorithm for the case where the variables are subject to a lower bound constraint, and (2) an analogous algorithm ...
  • Ada/CS - An Instructional Subset of the Programming Language Ada 

    Archer, James E., Jr. (Cornell University, 1979-10)
  • A Unified View of Semantics 

    Majster, Mila E. (Cornell University, 1979-10)

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