The theses and dissertations of graduate students at Cornell University have been deposited in Cornell's institutional repository (eCommons) since about 2004. This collection also includes a few earlier Cornell theses.

Students retain ownership of the copyright of their work. Students also have the option of imposing a temporary embargo on access to the full text of their theses. This embargo may last from one to five years. If access to a thesis is restricted, the metadata record for the thesis is still visible, but you will see "Access to Document Restricted" under the document thumbnail image. Below this will be a field labeled "No Access Until," which indicates the date when the full text of the thesis will be accessible.

More information about Cornell theses and dissertations is available here:

In general, older theses and dissertations from Cornell University are not currently available as digital files in eCommons. The Library is willing to digitize and make available older Cornell theses on a cost recovery basis. If you are interested in this service, please contact

Recent Submissions

  • Electrically Induced Photonic Transitions In Silicon Waveguides And Resonators 

    Tzuang, Lawrence (2015-08-17)
    Photonic transition occurs in optical structures that have a time-varying refractive index. The photons experiencing a photonic transition can hop from one optical mode to another, which not only leads to a redistribution ...
  • Biomimetic Boundary Lubricants Of Articular Cartilage 

    Samaroo, Kirk (2015-08-17)
    The glycoprotein lubricin is the primary boundary lubricant of articular cartilage. In injured joints, supplementation with lubricin prevents further damage. The lubricating and chrondroprotective abilities are believed ...
  • Qualitativism: An Elucidation And Defense 

    Murphy, Daniel (2015-08-17)
    My dissertation is about qualitativism, the view that the facts constituting the world are, fundamentally, purely qualitative or general. Roughly, non-qualitative facts directly involve particular things (e.g. the fact ...
  • Predicting Ambulance Demand 

    Zhou, Zhengyi (2015-08-17)
    Predicting ambulance demand accurately on a fine resolution in time (e.g., every hour) and space (e.g., every 1 km2 ) is critical for staff, fleet management and dynamic deployment. There are several challenges: although ...
  • The Microenvironmental Impact Of Roadways And Distributed Generation On Local Air Quality 

    Tong, Zheming (2015-08-17)
    Microscale air quality in highly populated urban areas has gained increasing attention in recent years. Various emission sources are present, and their contributions need to be quantified for assessing human exposure and ...

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