In the fall semester, students in Professor Matt Ryan’s PLSCS 1900 class "Sustainable Agriculture" are asked to create a short film conveying a particular aspect of sustainable agriculture. Food and Agriculture Librarian Ashley Shea works with the class to teach traditional research search strategies, videography skills (including storyboard planning, film capture techniques and the use of editing software), and basic copyright rules and fair use considerations.

More than fifty films are submitted annually by students and judged by their classmates on creativity, quality of videography and clarity of message. Students present their films to the class during a “film festival” held in Mann Library’s conference rooms while staff from Mann serve popcorn.

All students that consent to sharing their film deposit it here for the benefit of the Cornell community. The top 15 films that were selected by the instructors and their peers are noted below, in addition to being displayed at a special exhibit on the first floor of Mann Library during the two-week December exam period.

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Recent Submissions

  • Myths about Beef, Busted 

    Fortna, Jack; McDevitt, Wyatt (2022-11-14)
  • Bridging the Gap 

    Stephens, Kate (2022-11-14)
  • Mean Green Glean Machine 

    McFadden, Emily; Hughes, Elizabeth; Poggi, Julia; KS, Maddie (2022-11)
  • Hydroponics: Misconceptions and Problems 

    Kohlenberger, Piper; Joe, Hannah (2022-11-14)
  • From the Farm to the Heart 

    Radtke, Bea; Payne, Luk (2022-11-14)
    Heart of Dinner feeds Asian elders in New York City by delivering hot lunches and fresh produce every Wednesday. This film explores how Heart of Dinner is able to foster community through their volunteers, partner farmers, ...
  • Sprayed and Neutered? Not Anymore. 

    Lee, Theodore (2022-11-14)
    As climate change continues to drive temperature trends upwards, the threat posed by pests is beginning to change. Four scientists in the fields of pest management and integrative plant management give their perspectives ...
  • The Inclining Importance of Soil Health 

    Way, Elizabeth; Prezzano, Annette; Pan, Raymond (2022-11-14)
  • Straw Pocket Farm: Ithaca's GOAT 

    Loewenstein-Harting, Rebecca (2022-11)
    Annalise Hagan, owner of Straw Pocket Farm, discusses her dairy goat operation and journey into sustainable agriculture as a young person who didn’t grow up in a farming family.
  • Fulfilling Demand 

    Hobart, Harry; Lee, Katie; Tan, Jenna; Xu, Sky (2022-11-14)
    Sustainable agriculture is not just about environmental sustainability achieved by certain practices, but also about the long term development achieved by economic sustainability. However, a lot of small-scale farms face ...

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