We have relatively deep information about the specific cities presented here. But is there a more general literature on the topic? There is, and we present a review of books as "Progressive City Literature" drawn from the web site www.progressivecities.org, created originally (2004) after depositing materials collected in the research that produced The Progressive City (1986) and Activists in City Hall (2010).

Further, from that web site, are two short essays: "What is the Progressive City?" -- an exercise in definition; and "Planning in the Progressive City," which introduces a theme cutting across the range of cities represented in the Collection.

We also present Derek Shearer's "Urban Innovation in the United States," from his comparative study of U.S. cities in the early 1980s -- a broader sample than what we have here.

Recent Submissions

  • Freedom, Public Deliberation and the Archive 

    Hamilton, Carolyn; Mangcu, Xolela (2006)
    This paper proceeds from three central propositions: the first is that ongoing public deliberation is a powerful vehicle for social change and economic progress, and is fundamental to the attainment, and maintenance, of ...
  • An Annotated Bibliography on Progressive Cities 

    Clavel, Pierre (1987)
    By 1984, Pierre Clavel had been gathering background information - news clippings, documents, and taping interviews in cities he had identified as "progressive" cases: Berkeley, Hartford, Cleveland, and Santa Monica in ...
  • Urban Innovation in the United States 

    Shearer, Derek (1986-03-18)
    This is a transcript of a 1986 seminar led by Derek Shearer and held at Cornell University's Department of City and Regional Planning. Derek Shearer was an activist, journalist, state official and university professor who ...
  • Planning in the Progressive City 

    Clavel, Pierre (2015-04-04)
    Planning was a theme that ran through all cases of the progressive city, in part because progressive city activists knew that they could not rely on the private market arguments in support of their most important goals. ...
  • What is the Progressive City? 

    Clavel, Pierre (2011-02-21)
    "Progressive" and the "progressive city" have definitional issues. This essay reviews what has informed The Progressive City (1986 and Activists in City Hall (2010) and guided this collection. The key ideas have been ...
  • Progressive City Literature 

    Clavel, Pierre (2005)
    From the website "Progressive Cities and Neighborhood Planning," created in 2005 and updated periodically. Its purpose is to support and comment on the collection of that name in the Division of Rare and Manuscript ...


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