I have been an exhibiting artist since 1974. In the 1970's and 1980's I made films, videotapes, and installation works that were shown and collected internationally. Since 1991, I have created and exhibited interactive installation works that have also been shown very widely, including museum and gallery exhibitions in the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Japan, and Korea.

My overarching interest is in the exploration of the human mind, and to this end, I have pursued a generally philosophical sort of artmaking, exploring visual and spoken language, thought, and perception. I would like to believe that I am involved with artmaking as a means of creating objects and installations that question and participate in the discourses of our social imagination, how we create visual representations of our selves in one way or another, and find (or try to find) meaning within it.

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