The history of New Media and the avant-garde from the Futurists and Russian Constructivists to Bauhaus and the theories of Artaud, have had a significant impact on my work. I draw direct inspiration from two artists, Futurist, Luigi Russolo, who wrote the manifesto on the Art of Noise and Oskar Schlemmer (1888-1943), who was interested in spatial webs and defining new theories of space. I want to continue their investigation of architectural and theatrical space, especially Artaud's notion of "spatial poetry".

Fascinated by the notion of being between two worlds and I can strongly identify with this place of being betwixt and between; between cultures, between languages, between social patterns and ritual, between political viewpoints and historical dynamics. Between theatre and anthropology, between poetry and multi-media, between art and technology, between public space and private space, I find my artistic voice and palette.

Recent Submissions

  • Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal 

    Bowditch, Rachel (2006-11-15)
    I propose to create a "cyber-theatre" where a dialog between the "live" and the "virtual" worlds can occur. The Virtual Web: Interactive Global Spectacle allows everyone to become an artist. The "cyber-theatre" provides ...


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