Within this Community you will find a collection of various web archives or Cornell University Web Sites, and web sites that are of interest to the Faculty and Staff of Cornell University.

The Cornell.Edu domain is also archived using Archive-It and these versions of webpages are available in the Library's web archive.

Collections in this community

Recent Submissions

  • Library Technical Services Web Site Archive (tsweb) 

    Unknown author (2009-05-04)
    This is an archival copy of the CUL Technical Services Web Site (formerly known as tsweb and previously available at www.library.cornell.edu/tsweb).
  • The Cutting Edge Apparel Business Guide 

    Loker, Suzanne (2006-11-14)
    This is a web archive of the site: instruct1.cit.cornell.edu/courses/cuttingedge which was developed by Dr. Suzanne Loker and is an Interactive Guide to the Apparel Business.
  • explore.cornell.edu (Web Archive) 

    Unknown author (2006-11-14)
    This is a web archive for the Cornell University Web site: explore.cornell.edu. The site was originally created in 2003 using innovated techniques for viewing collections. The main features to observe are the "Digital ...


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