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  • Identifying Drivers of Profitability on Commerical Dairies 

    Zoetis (2016-06)
    KEY POINTS Zoetis teamed with a Midwest agricultural banking and consulting institution to identify dairy operating measures that correlate with the financial health of contemporary dairy farms (Data on file, Dairy ...
  • How Much Does the Welfare of the People Affect the Welfare of the Animals? 

    Hagevoort, Robert (2019-01-22)
    This presentation will focus on the concept that animal welfare doesn’t live in a vacuum; it’s the outcome of an interaction between a human and an animal, and it can either have a positive or a negative outcome. The ...
  • Dynamic Harvest and Storage for Improved Forage Utilization 

    Lawrence, Joe (2019-01-22)
    Obtaining the right quality forage for the right group of animals is key to optimizing forage utilization on farm. Both your harvest strategy and storage options must be well planned but nimble to achieve forage quality ...
  • Calves & Heifers: The Future of Our Dairies 

    Reed, Kelly (2019-01-22)
    In this presentation, Dr. Kelly Reed will review the importance of calf & heifer programs in the success of our businesses. She will discuss how to identify bottlenecks holding back our programs and working through the ...
  • Building Your Team 

    Stup, Richard (2019-01-22)
    Collaborating and coordination are essential characteristics to an effective team. However, most teams struggle in this area due to member-related issues (e.g. absence, fatigue, motivation, training) or team-related issues ...

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