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  • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal at Spruce Haven Farm, LLC Case Study 

    Shelford, Timothy; Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A. (2018-12)
    Spruce Haven Farm, LLC, managed by Doug Young, is located in Cayuga County, New York. The farm herd comprised of 3,360 Holsteins and milks ~1,500 cows. Digester construction began in Spring 2014, with the system operating ...
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal at Sunnyside Farms, Inc. Case Study 

    shelford, Timothy; Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A. (2018-12)
    Sunnyside Farms, Inc., managed by Neil and Greg Rejman, is located in Scipio Center, New York. The farm milks ~4,200 cows. The digester was commissioned in May 2009. See “Anaerobic Digestion at Sunnyside Farms, Inc.: ...
  • A Technical Reference Guide for Dairy-Derived Biogas Production, Treatment, and Utilization 

    Shelford, Tim; Gooch, Curt; Choudhury, Abhinav; Lansing, Stephanie (2019-01-07)
    This document is broken down into three major sections: Biogas Production, Biogas Treatment, and Biogas Utilization. Biogas Production: Provides information with respect to dairy manure-based anaerobic digestion systems, ...
  • What are the current emission regulations for New York State? 

    Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A. (2016-06)
    The seminal U.S. air quality statute, the Clean Air Act (CAA), authorized the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to protect public health and welfare by establishing National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) ...
  • Greenhouse gas reduction and other benefits of biogas upgrading 

    Oliver, Jason P.; Gooch, Curt A. (2016-06)
    Biogas obtained from anaerobic digestion of livestock manure is a complex mixture containing ~60% methane (CH4) and other less valuable gases. Upgrading the biogas to reduce contaminants and increase the CH4 concentration ...

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