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  • Balancing family and business in farm transfer planning 

    Richards, Anna (Progressive Dairyman, 2019-07)
    As farm ownership progresses through generations, it becomes more and more likely that owners may have one or more children or heirs that are not actively involved in the business. While this is certainly not a bad thing ...
  • Your cows' diet shouldn't be 'Like a box of chocolates': How to know what they're gonna get 

    Reed, Kristan (Progressive Dairyman, 2019-07)
    Forrest Gump’s momma always said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” In a way, feeding cows is the same. You never really know the true composition of the feeds and diet that make it ...
  • Calf health treatment protocols, compliance and economic impact: Northern New York research results 

    Morrill, Kimberley (Progressive Dairyman, 2019-07)
    Throughout 2018, the Northern New York Regional Ag team conducted research to determine protocol compliance for calfhood illnesses on Northern New York dairy farms, determine the treatment cost associated with calfhood ...
  • Dry cow cooling also brings offspring benefits 

    Lynch, Rob (Progressive Dairyman, 2019-07)
    The dairy industry has known for years how important it is to provide supplemental cooling to dry cows. A 2016 study by Ferreira, et al. estimated New York dairy cows that experience heat stress during their dry period ...
  • Avoid summer struggles with calves 

    Quaassdorff, Margaret (Progressive Dairyman, 2019-07)
    Successful management of calves is all about the details that add up to create a healthy, profitable member of the milking herd. Beyond excessive heat, summer weather provides an environment that can challenge our calves ...

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