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  • Observation Checklist 

    MacKenzie, Mary Kate; Karszes, Jason (2022-06-01)
    This is a checklist you can use when you are identifying areas to implement lean management.
  • Progress of The Dairy Farm Report: Selected Financial and Production Factors - Dairy Farm Business Summary and Analysis New York State, 2021 

    Karszes, Jason; Augello, Lauren (2022-06-29)
    The objective of the Dairy Farm Business Summary & Analysis Program (DFBS) is to help farm managers improve the financial management of their dairy farm through appropriate use of historical farm data and the application ...
  • California Low Carbon Fuel Standard Carbon Intensity Applied to New York State Dairies 

    Ray, Lauren; Wright, Peter (2022-05)
    The carbon intensity (CI) score is used to appropriately value a unit of transportation fuel under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) policy. This fact sheet series will cover the CI score related to biomethane, ...
  • Spring 2022 fertility considerations 

    Workman, Kirsten; Lawrence, Joe (PRO-DAIRY, 2022-05)
    Fertilizer prices continue to rise with no relief in immediate site. With a slowly warming spring that has seen snow and wet weather, manure applications in many locations have been delayed. As manure trucks and pumps start ...
  • First cutting: Resources for success in 2022 

    Lawrence, Joe (PRO-DAIRY, 2022-05)
    First cutting of a perennial hay crop offers the opportunity to capture high quantity and quality but timely harvest can be met with a number of obstacles. This document provides links to several currently available resources ...
  • Forage shrink costs more when inputs are high 

    Lawrence, Joe; Kuck, Ron (2022-03)
    As the 2022 growing season approaches there is no shortage of discussion on the high and volatile prices of inputs for crop production. Several good resources were presented this winter about finding efficiencies with crop ...
  • Maximize fertilizer use efficiency for peak fertilizer prices of 2022 

    O'Neil, Kitty; Lawrence, Joe; Workman, Kirsten; Ketterings, Quirine (Progressive Dairy, 2022-03)
    Record high fertilizer prices this winter have driven a lot of creative thinking about cost-cutting strategies for 2022. Dairy farmers are at an advantage as manure is a tremendous source of all essential nutrients, and ...
  • Managing diet nutrient variability through improved forage sampling practices 

    Barrientos-Blanco, Jorge; Lawrence, Joe; Reed, Kristan (Progressive Dairy, 2022-03)
    High feed prices and volatility due to market and supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID pandemic are restating the importance of maximizing feed efficiency.
  • The Manager March 2022: Technology 

    Unknown author (Progressive Dairy, 2022-03)
    The Manager is published by Progressive Dairy, an award-winning magazine that provides compelling features, helpful articles, insightful news analysis, and entertaining commentary about the people, practices and topics ...
  • Manure - A valuable nutrient asset 

    Workman, Kirsten; Ketterings, Quirine; Lawrence, Joe; O'Neil, Kitty (Progressive Dairy, 2022-03)
    Manure is a valuable source of nutrients and soil-building organic matter. It is always important to manage manure nutrients to maximize availability for crops and minimize environmental losses, but that is especially true ...

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