The Cornell University Library hosted the third International Conference on the Preservation of Digital Objects (iPRES 2006) October 8-10, 2006 at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY U.S.A.

The theme of this year's iPRES is Words to Deeds: Collaboration in the Realm of Digital Preservation. Following on the successful iPRES 2005 held September 14-16 in Goettingen, Germany, iPRES 2006 Plenary Sessions was begun with a keynote presentation by Ian Wilson, Librarian and Archivist of Canada. Plenary Sessions explored topics in Preserving Multimedia Objects, e-Journal Preservation, Certification, and National Efforts in Digital Preservation. Concurrent sessions on Tools of the Trade, eScience and Digital Preservation, Repositories, and New Initiatives were also held.

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  • CADSL: China Archives of Digital Scientific Literature Initiatives 

    Zhang, Xiaolin (2006-10-27)
    Dr. Zhang will present the China Archives of Digital Scientific Literature (CADSL) Initiative, proposed to the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, as the result of a feasibility study by the National Science and ...
  • A Dynamic Solution for Electronic Records: The National Archives and Records Administration's Electronic Records Archives 

    Thibodeau, Kenneth (2006-10-27)
    After a year long design competition, in September 2005 the National Archives and Records Administration awarded to Lockheed Martin Corporation a contract valued at $308 million to develop and operate the Electronic Records ...
  • Digital Preservation in the UK 

    Thomas, David (2006-10-27)
    The UK scene -- David Thomas will focus on the Seamless Flow programme being undertaken at the National Archives of the UK. This is an ambitious plan to develop a fully comprehensive digital preservation service for the ...
  • Web Archive Switzerland 

    Signori, Barbara (2006-10-27)
    Web Archive Switzerland is a pilot project undertaken in collaboration with the Swiss Cantonal libraries as part of the e-Helvetica Project at the Swiss National Library (SNL). The mission of the SNL and the Swiss Cantonal ...
  • Virtualisation of Simple Scientific Data Objects 

    Rankin, Stephen; Giaretta, David; Crothers, Steve; McIlwrath, Brian; Dunckley, Matt (2006-10-27)
    Virtualisation of Simple Scientific Data Objects.Capturing OAIS defined representation information in a standardised way is critical for the preservation and future reuse of scientific data. The structure of a scientific ...
  • Towards a Preservation Content Model for Numeric Data Collections: PREMIS and FEDORA 

    Gewirtz, David; Gano, Gretchen (2006-10-27)
    A Preservation Model for Social Science Numeric Data Collections: PREMIS and FEDORA. This session will outline the workflow associated with migrating social science data collections into FEDORA, focusing on the implementation ...
  • Preservation Metadata: Adapting or Adopting PREMIS for APSR 

    Lee, Bronwyn; Clifton, Gerard; Langley, Somaya (2006-10-27)
    Preservation metadata requirements for repositories: a project of the Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories (APSR) -- APSR aims to establish a centre of excellence in sustainable digital resource management ...
  • Preserving Things that Count: Exploring partnerships among domain specific repositories, institutional repositories, and social science researchers 

    Green, Ann; Gutmann, Myron (2006-10-27)
    In developing and debating digital repositories, the digital library world has devoted more attention to their missions and roles in supporting access to and stewardship of academic research output than to discussing ...
  • Digital Data Preservation and Curation: A Collaboration Among Libraries, Publishers, and the Virtual Observatory 

    Hanisch, Robert; Steffen, Julie; Choudhury, Sayeed; DiLauro, Tim; Szalay, Alex; Vishniac, Ethan; Milkey, Robert; Plante, Ray (2006-10-27)
    Digital Data Preservation and Curation: A Collaboration Among Libraries, Publishers, and the Virtual Observatory. Astronomers are producing and analyzing data at ever more prodigious rates. NASA's Great Observatories, ...
  • nestor II: e-Science and Preservation--A Perfect Match? 

    Neuroth, Heike (2006-10-27)
    e-Science and Preservation - A Perfect Match: The hard sciences have worked for many years towards global collaboration on an infrastructural and workflow level. The concepts and technologies eveloped in this venture are ...
  • Global Digital Format Registry (GDFR): An Interim Status Report 

    Abrams, Stephen (2006-10-27)
    The format of a digital object must be known in order to interpret the information content of that object properly. Strong format typing is therefore fundamental to the effective use, interchange, and preservation of all ...
  • The Entity (N2T) Resolver: low-risk, low-cost persistent identification 

    Kunze, John (2006-10-27)
    Low-Risk Persistent Identification: the "Entity" (N2T) Resolver -- The N2T ("entity") identifier resolver addresses the same problem as URN, Handle, and DOI resolvers, but does so without complex or proprietary software ...
  • Bringing Many Tools Together: Building a System of Co-operating OAIS's in the MathArc Project 

    Enders, Markus; Kehoe, William; Smith, Adam (2006-10-27)
    Bringing many tools together to build a system of co-operating OAIS's in the MathArc project. The MathArc project has created a protocol, software, and registry that enable multiple institutions to share and store digital ...
  • LOCKSS: Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe 

    Reich, Victoria (2006-10-27)
    People with responsibility for scholarly assets agree that digital preservation is important. Tomorrow's readers will need today's materials; without preservation they won't exist. Librarians and publishers are asking two ...
  • The International e-Depot: e-Journal Archiving at the National Library of the Netherlands 

    Oltmans, Erik (2006-10-27)
    Electronic journals dominate the field of academic literature, and it is of great importance to the international scientific community that this electronic intellectual output remains accessible in perpetuity. It is ...
  • Portico: An Electronic Archiving Service 

    Fenton, Eileen (2006-10-27)
    The work of the academy ? research and teaching ? is not possible without reliable access to the accumulated scholarship of the past. One component of this scholarly record, academic journals, is increasingly electronic ? ...
  • Preservation of Federal Digital Publications 

    Haun-Mohamed, Robin; Baldwin, Gil (2006-10-27)
    The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) is committed to ensuring permanent public access and preservation of U.S. Federal publications. Historically, preservation of the tangible materials has been handled in collaboration ...
  • Digital Archive Partnership 

    Tamminga, Tim (2006-10-27)
    For almost two years, the National Library of New Zealand (NLNZ), Endeavor Information Systems and Sun Microsystems have been working together to design and implement a comprehensive digital preservation platform for New ...
  • MetaArchive NDIIPP Partnership 

    McDonald, Robert H.; Walters, Tyler (2006-10-27)
    The MetaArchive of Southern Digital Culture will discuss the first two years of deliverables (2004-2006) for their three year partnership for establishing a collaborative digital preservation network for southern cultural ...
  • Co-operative Development of a Long-term Digital Information Archive 

    Altenhoener, Reinhard; Steinke, Tobias (2006-10-27)
    Data for the future - the kopal project -- The German project kopal develops a cooperative used long-term digital archive. The archival system of kopal could be used by different clients, just like a bank account. It is ...

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