This is a collection of videos recording original interviews with faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology: Simon Bauer, Don Cooke, Roald Hoffmann, Fred McLafferty and Harold Scheraga.

For more details go to the Oral History Project.

This is provided by Internet-First University Press which will make DVD's and streaming videos available at

Recent Submissions

  • A Conversation with Dave Collum 

    Collum, David B.; Ganem, Bruce (Internet-First University Press, 2014-12-16)
    David B. Collum, the Betty R. Miller Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, describes his unusual entry into chemistry while an undergraduate at Cornell University, a exciting experience ...
  • A Conversation with Barbara Baird and David Holowka 

    Baird, Barbara A.; Holowka, David A. (Internet-First University Press, 2014-12-16)
  • Jerrold Meinwald wins National Medal of Science 

    Ju, Anne (Cornell University, 2014-10-03)
  • Roald Hoffmann Symposium Concert 

    Hoffmann, Roald (Internet-First University Press, 2014-07-21)
  • A Conversation with David Usher 

    Usher, David A.; Ganem, Bruce (Internet-First University Press, 2012-11-10)
    David Anthony Usher was born in Harrow in the UK on November 1st, 1936, and emigrated with his family to Wellington, New Zealand in 1948. After a year at Wellesley College in Days Bay he became a boarder in Grey House ...

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