This is a collection of papers and research for Prof. Kaushik Basu in the field of Econmonics.

Recent Submissions

  • Participatory Equity and Economic Development 

    Basu, Kaushik (2006-11-21)
    The role of a person’s identity and sense of integration into society as instruments of economic development has been vastly underestimated in the literature in economics. We talk of policies to subsidize the poor and give ...
  • The global child labor problem 

    Basu, Kaushik (2006-11-21)
    The problem of child labor has moved from a matter of regional and national concern to one of international debate and possible global persuasion and policy intervention. In crafting policy for mitigating this enormous ...
  • Social norms and the law 

    Basu, Kaushik (2006-11-21)
    After one eats in a restaurant, that one has to leave a tip is a social norm, and that one has to pay for the food is law. As is evident from this, both norms and the law influence our behaviour. What we say, for instance, ...
  • The role of norms and law in economics: An essay on political economy 

    Basu, Kaushik (2006-11-21)
    The THREE - HOUR stretch of road between Hazaribagh and Dhanbad in eastern India is as desolate as it is beautiful. One winter evening, some half a dozen years ago, as I was traveling ibis route by taxi to catch a train ...
  • Paradoxes of Game Theory 

    Basu, Kaushik (2006-11-21)

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