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dc.contributor.authorWalsh-Dilley, Marygolden_US
dc.descriptionA winner of the James F. Slevin Assignment Sequence Prize, the sequence originates from Development Sociology 1203, Medicine, Technology, and Control Over Women’s Bodies. This sequence exposes students to sociological and feminist discussions of childbirth in the United States, stimulating analysis and evaluation of the dominant forms of health care for pregnant and new mothers. The sequence is designed to give students experience with different forms of writing , to help them put into practice a number of tips for excellent wriiing, and to push them to develop their own analysis while engaging with and integrating the larger conversation into their own writing. Preparatory steps include an interivew, an interview summary, and an analysis of childbirth practices in the U.S. Students work in groups but write their essays independently. 18 page pdfen_US
dc.subjectcollaborative learningen_US
dc.subjectexperiential learning
dc.titleBirth Experiences Oral History Projecten_US
dc.typelearning objecten_US

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