I am an artist/scholar, engaged in an artistic, intellectual and political endeavor that incorporates both theory and practice and bridges the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences. During the last decade my work has evolved from interactive sculpture and video installation to experimental projects that re-cast communication and information technologies as public, community and collaborative sites. Over time, I have moved away from artistic self-expression, grounded in traditional aesthetics, toward a practice of social aesthetics grounded in community-based activism.

Recent Submissions

  • 2008 Rockefeller New Media Fellow 

    Daniel, Sharon (2009-06-09)
    The Prison Industrial Complex represents a return to the institution of slavery - now under the guise of justice, security, and "corrections". As a result of California's "three strikes and you're out" law, inmate populations ...
  • 2004 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal 

    Daniel, Sharon (2006-07-25)
    An evolving media archive of recorded conversations with incarcerated women, their families and communities, a website with an 800 number that will allow prisoners and the public to "call-in" by phone to record and publish ...
  • 2003 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal 

    Daniel, Sharon (2006-06-30)
    "Need_X_Change," is designed to help the staff and clients of Casa Segura, an HIV prevention and needle exchange clinic in Oakland, California attain social and political "voice", through communication with their local ...


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