Articles related to the history of the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity at Cornell.

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  • DX of DKE Special Study #24: Spring Weekend 1966, DKE House Party Photograph 

    Fogle, Homer William Jr (2013-10-22)
    A photograph of the Delta Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon at Cornell University House Party held during Spring Weekend, May 1966, is recorded with identifications of the participants. The photograph was furnished by DKE ...
  • Report of the Alumni Historian, 2013 

    Fogle, Homer William Jr (2013-09-15)
    The Alumni Historian recounts activities for FY2012-13: (1) revisions and new editions of established studies, (2) distribution of new Research Notes, (3) status of the Aviators Memorial Committee, (4) status of the Clifton ...
  • Chapter and Alumni Operations Handbook, 2013 

    Fogle, Homer William Jr (2013-06-03)
    Reference data pertaining to the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, the Delta Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon at Cornell University, the Delta Chi Association and Cornell University are tabulated. Appendices address (1) ...
  • DΧ of DΚΕ Special Study #22: Chapter Finances, 1950-69 

    Fogle, Homer William Jr (2013-05-31)
    The financial condition of the Cornell Deke House during the Nineteen-fifties and -sixties is followed using data from monthly statements prepared by the Chapter’s accountants, excerpts from Chapter Meeting Minutes and ...
  • DΧ of DΚΕ Special Study #14: Scholastic Performance in the Post-WWII Deke House 

    Fogle, Homer William Jr (2013-05-31)
    Scholastic performance of the Cornell Dekes during the post-war period as reported by the Cornell University Registrar’s Office, by resident academic advisors and in the fraternity’s own pronouncements is recorded.

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