The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is the second largest undergraduate college at Cornell University and the third largest college of its kind in the United States. Through teaching, research, and extension -- the three components of our land-grant mission -- we strive to improve the nation's food supply and maintain its safety, to enhance the environment, and to help people improve their lives.

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  • Governance Principles for Wildlife Conservation in the 21st Century 

    Decker, Daniel; Smith, Christian; Forstchen, Ann; Hare, Darragh; Pomeranz, Emily; Doyle-Capitman, Catherine; Schuler, Krysten; Organ, John (A Journal of the Society for Conservation Biology, 2016)
    Wildlife conservation is losing ground in the U.S. for many reasons. The net effect is declines in species and habitat. To address this trend, the wildlife conservation institution (i.e., all customs, practices, organizations ...
  • Yard Waste Management - A Planning Guide for New York State 

    Richard, Thomas L; Dickson, Nancy M; Rowland, Sally J (1990)
    Yard waste management is attracting increasing attention as communities take a hard look at their total solid waste system. With yard waste estimated at 20 percent of the solid waste generated statewide, composting and ...
  • Factors that affect the viability and longevity of dairy cattle 

    Scott, Benjamin; Giordano, Julio (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2016-10)
    Field study of 55 NY herds reviews factors associated with increased mortality or culling risk, from calves to mature cows.
  • Starch and fiber in fresh cow rations 

    Williams, Sarah; Overton, Thomas (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2016-10)
    Keeping energy density and rumen health in mind is key to a successful fresh period.
  • Influence of cow characteristics and premilking udder preparation on milk flow and teat condition 

    Wieland, Matthias; Melvin, Jaclyn; Virkler, Paul; Nydam, Daryl (DAIRYBUSINESS & HOLSTEINWORLD, 2016-10)
    Consideration of interactions between cow characteristics and premilking udder preparation can help to improve parlor efficiency and short-term changes in teat condition postmilking.

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