The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is the second largest undergraduate college at Cornell University and the third largest college of its kind in the United States. Through teaching, research, and extension -- the three components of our land-grant mission -- we strive to improve the nation's food supply and maintain its safety, to enhance the environment, and to help people improve their lives.

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  • Aerobic Composting Affects Manure's Nutrient Content 

    Aldrich, Brian; Bonhotal, Jean (Northeast DairyBusiness, 2006-03)
  • Composting Safety and Health 

    Brown, Nellie J (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2016)
    Introduction: Like farming, composting is rugged work. It involves mechanical equipment, physical labor and handling of diverse biological materials. It is usually practiced outdoors for long hours, in all types of weather. ...
  • Compost Facilities: Off-Site Air Emissions and Health 

    Harrison, Ellen Z (Cornell Waste Management Institute, 2007)
    This summary has been compiled to help address concerns regarding the potential of air emissions from large-scale composting facilities to impact the health of neighbors. I have attempted to summarize and provide citations ...
  • Cost of Loading, Mixing, & Delivering Feed New York State, 2014-2015 

    Karszes, Jason; Howlett, Ashley (2016-08-25)
    As feed is one of the largest costs on dairy farms, feed center activities play a large role in dairy business performance. This study looks at the feed out process within the feed center focusing on the costs to load, ...
  • Late Blight, A Serious Disease of Potatoes and Tomatoes 

    Seaman, Abby; Loria, Rosemary; Fry, William; Zitter, Thomas (New York State Integrated Pest Management Program, 2010)
    Late blight is a plant disease that mainly attacks potatoes and tomatoes, although it can sometimes be found on other crops, weeds and ornamentals in the same botanical family (Solanaceae). Other plants that late blight ...

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