The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is the second largest undergraduate college at Cornell University and the third largest college of its kind in the United States. Through teaching, research, and extension -- the three components of our land-grant mission -- we strive to improve the nation's food supply and maintain its safety, to enhance the environment, and to help people improve their lives.

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  • The Science and Engineering of Composting 

    Cornell Waste Management Institute (1996)
    Composting can be pursued at many different levels, from the gardener who likes to produce "black gold" to the operator of a multi-acre commercial composting facility. Some of the topics in the Science and Engineering ...
  • Economic Feasibility Case Study of Co-Digestion of Manure and Food Waste on a Northern NY Dairy 

    George, Angela; Ray, Lauren; Wright, Peter (2023-01)
    A case study of the economic feasibility of anaerobic digestion of dairy manure and food waste (co-digestion) on a Northern New York dairy farm was conducted that considered two scenarios. Scenario One analyzed the use of ...
  • Municipal Yard Waste Composting - Operator's Fact Sheets Series #1-10 Introduction 

    Richard, Tom (1996-01-08)
    These 10 fact sheets cover the most important aspects of operating a municipal yard waste composting facility: Compost process, Compost ingredients, Water, Oxygen, Temperature, Building windrows, Turning windrows,Chipping ...
  • Supplemental tables for Balancing dairy cattle diets for rumen nitrogen and methionine or all essentail amino acids relative to metabolizable energy 

    LaPierre, P. Andrew; Van Amburgh, Michael; Higgs, Ryan; Chase, Larry; Schwab, Charles; Sloan, Brian; Lucini, Daniel (2023-01)
    Improving the ability of diet formulation models to more accurately predict AA supply while appropriately describing requirements for lactating dairy cattle pro- vides an opportunity to improve animal productivity, reduce ...
  • Usage of imported food processing waste and food wastes on dairy CAFO farms 

    Oliver, Jason; Workman, Kirsten (PRO-DAIRY, 2023-01)
    Updates to the New York Environmental Conservation Law General Permit No. GP-0-22-001 (effective January 23, 2023) and other state regulations affect the usage of off-farm food wastes on concentrated animal feeding operation ...
  • Hunter Responses to Digital Media Messages about Chronic Wasting Disease 

    Lauber, T. Bruce; Leong, Alisius D.; Hurst, Jeremy; Stedman, Richard C.; Schuler, Krysten L.; McComas, Katherine; Stevens, Scott; Bober, Benjamin (CENTER FOR CONSERVATION SOCIAL SCIENCES, 2022-12)
    Lauber T.B…. 2022. Hunter responses to digital media messages about chronic wasting disease. Center for Conservation Social Sciences Publ. Series 22-7. Dept. of Nat. Resources and the Environ., Coll. Agric. and Life Sci., ...
  • Response to Messages about Chronic Wasting Disease in Hunter Focus Groups 

    Siemer, William F.; Leong, Alisius D; Lauber, T. Bruce; Hurst, Jeremy; Stedman, Richard C.; Schuler, Krysten L.; McComas, Katherine (CENTER FOR CONSERVATION SOCIAL SCIENCES, 2022-12)
  • Eastern Broccoli Market. Opportunity Assessment for New York State 

    Rozyne, Michael; Bilinski, Cheryl; Cancalosi, Alessandra (Cornell University, 2021-04)
    Is there an opportunity for New York growers and marketers to invest in broccoli production and distribution as a way to diversify and strengthen their businesses, while adding jobs, dollars, and resilience to the economy ...
  • Cooling methods for broccoli. A guide for eastern growers. 

    Sams, Carl; Sargent, Steve; Davis, Jeanine; Callahan, Christopher W.; Eccleston, Jill; Björkman, Thomas (University of Tennessee Extension, 2022-02-22)
    One of the selling points of locally grown broccoli is greater freshness. Delivering that freshness requires cooling the product close to freezing within hours of harvest and employing proper postharvest handling procedures. ...
  • The Manager November 2022: Cornell Research 

    Unknown author (Progressive Dairy, 2022-11)
    The Manager is published by Progressive Dairy, an award-winning magazine that provides compelling features, helpful articles, insightful news analysis, and entertaining commentary about the people, practices and topics ...

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