The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is the second largest undergraduate college at Cornell University and the third largest college of its kind in the United States. Through teaching, research, and extension -- the three components of our land-grant mission -- we strive to improve the nation's food supply and maintain its safety, to enhance the environment, and to help people improve their lives.

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  • Agricultural Plastics Recycling in New York State Case Study 

    Bonhotal, Jean; Bonacquist-Currin, Marley (2019)
    The case study looks at the NYS Recycling Agricultural Plastics Program. This case study summarizes the efforts and success of the program during operation, as well as an update of what has happened in the counties since.
  • American Cockroach Monitoring 

    Frye, Matthew (New York State Integrated Pest Management Program, 2019)
    This fact sheet describes why monitoring is important, how to conduct a monitoring program for American cockroaches, suggestions for what types of data to record, and how to interpret the results.
  • Lessons Learned from Six Years of Kudzu Research 

    Frye, Matthew (New York State Integrated Pest Management Program, 2019)
    Native origin of kudzu; current distribution in North America; natural history; habit, biology, physiology, management and control methods.
  • Science Communication Training: What are We Trying to Teach? 

    Baram-Tsabari, Ayelet; Lewenstein, Bruce (2017)
    The rapid growth in public communication of science and technology has led to a highly diverse and large number of training programs. Using a learning-centered approach, we ask: What are the learning goals of science ...
  • Local Residents’ Deer Population Preferences 

    Siemer, William F.; Stedman, Richard C.; Lauber, T. Bruce (CENTER FOR CONSERVATION SOCIAL SCIENCES, 2019-10)

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