This is a collection of presentations from the Cornell University Library's Metadata Working Group.

Recent Submissions

  • LD4L: Linked Data for Libraries 

    Warner, Simeon; Corson-Rikert, Jon; Rayle, Lynette; Younes, Rebecca; Folsom, Steven; Chew, Chiat Naun (2015-05-15)
    In this forum a number of Cornell-based speakers discuss different aspects of the LD4L project.
  • MWG Forum: Embedded Metadata in Audio and Visual Resources 

    Basara, Mira; McQuay, Bill (2015-01-23)
    This forum will address the application of embedded metadata in visual and audio resources. Our speakers will discuss the definition, role, and creation of embedded metadata in addition to offering thoughts on its merits ...
  • Columbia Metadata Working Group: Overview of Digital Projects at the American Museum of Natural History Library 

    Unknown author (2015-02-03)
    Topic: Overview of Digital Projects at the American Museum of Natural History Library. Stacy Schiff and Jennifer Cwiok will present the standards, vocabularies, workflows, and technology implemented for digitized images. ...
  • Columbia Metadata Working Group Lightning Talks 

    Unknown author (2014-10-21)
    Martha Tenney – Training undergraduates to do metadata work for digital collections Margaret Smithglass – New Registrar & Digital Content Librarian @ Avery Brian Luna Lucero – Academic Commons: Changes to metadata ...
  • The Role of Embedded Metadata in Visual Resources 

    Basara, Mira (2015-01-23)
    This presentation will talk about what embedded metadata is, how to create it, and why it matters. There will also be a presentation of one of the tools used to import-export embedded metadata for images.
  • Embedded Metadata for Audio: Standards, Structure and Tools 

    McQuay, Bill (2015-01-23)
    The development of standards for the embedding of metadata in audio is an ongoing effort involving professional organizations, equipment manufacturers and preservationists. We will look at some of the proposed standards ...
  • Metadata Working Group Forum: FAST 

    Folsom, Steven; Ross, Sarah (2014-10-31)
  • Visualizing Library Resources as Networks 

    Miller, Matt (2014-09-22)
  • Metadata Working Group Presentation on Surveillance Metadata 

    Sanera, Devin (2014-05-02)
    A short outline of the technology of metadata surveillance.
  • HathiTrust: Possibilities 

    Paolillo, Michelle (2014-03-21)
    The presentation outlines the mission and scope of HathiTrust, Cornell Library's involvement with this initiative, and the possibilities for leveraging the HathiTrust API's for new uses of the content with the HathiTrust ...
  • Engaging metadata in HathiTrust to Enhance Access and Discovery: The Cornell Veterinarian 

    Porciello, Jaron (2014-03-21)
    Enabling article-level access for full-text articles to The Cornell Veterinarian residing in HathiTrust to citations in PubMed facilitates a familiar and useful research experience for the community of practice.
  • The Cornell Veterinarian: A Metadata Perspective 

    Folsom, Steven (2014-03-21)
    This presentation outlines some of the challenges faced when trying to provide article level access to a journal (The Cornell Veterinarian) from within the HathiTrust Digital Library.
  • Some thoughts about metadata and usability 

    Dietrich, Dianne; Connolly, Matt (2011-11-18)
  • Web archiving in context and close-up 

    Thurman, Alex (2013-05-17)
    Alex Thurman, Web Resources Collection Coordinator at Columbia University Libraries, situates Columbia's program within the context of web archiving activity worldwide, and drills down into some of the challenges of creating ...
  • Metadata & Copyright : Why does it Matter? 

    Kovari, Jason (2012-12-14)
    Jason Kovari (Metadata Librarian. Humanities & Special Collections, CUL LTS) discusses why it has become important for some information consumers that libraries share our metadata; talk focuses on interesting projects ...
  • Copyright & Metadata 

    Hirtle, Peter (2012-12-14)
    Peter Hirtle (Senior Policy Advisor, CUL DSPS) discusses whether metadata records can be copyrighted as well as mechanisms for releasing metadata records.
  • Introduction to Technical and Preservation Metadata 

    Folsom, Steven (2012-09-21)
    Presentation on technical and preservation metadata (including the PREMIS data model), and how they relate to other types of metadata
  • Audio Technical Metadata 

    McQuay, William (2012-09-21)
    Presentation on standards developed for audio technical metadata and its importance for preservation, at the National-level
  • CULAR 

    Paolillo, Michelle (2012-09-21)
    Presentation of metadata in the CULAR (Cornell University Library Archival Repository) context
  • Linked Data in XC 

    Bowen, Jennifer (2012-05-18)

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