The Symposium honoring Brutsaert and Parlange was organized by John Selker, Tammo Steenhuis,Todd Walter, Peggy R. Stevens, Andrew Barry and William Kustas, with special assistance from Marc Parlange.

Additional special assistance with the logistical support for the poster sessions was provided by Amy S. Collick. She also collected the PDFs for the poster presentations. Steve Pacenka and Dan Fuka also provided valuable logistical support.

Peggy Stevens created the Symposium website and prepared the booklets and handouts for the Symposium. She also assembled and produced the booklet of abstracts for the oral presentations and the poster sessions. These Contents listings are a reformatted version of that document.

The videographers for the symposium were Peter Carroll and J. Robert Cooke, who also served as producer and editor for this online material. Mira Basara of the Cornell University Library posted these materials in eCommons in the Collection of Symposia as Hydrologic Discovery Through Physical Analysis Honoring the Scientific Legacies of Wilfried H. Brutsaert and Jean-Yves Parlange at

Produced by J. Robert Cooke, July 2012

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