This multi-media digital archive contains mainly material in The Internet First University Press (IFUP) that celebrates the contributions of Cornell people to the world of scholarship and to the life of the University and its research, service and educational mission. Included will be biographies, autobiographies, lectures, interviews, scholarly papers, and other materials related to the contributions of the people included. The material in this archive is available to the worldwide scholarly community via the Internet and a full text index to these materials is included in Internet search engines.

This community is sponsored by the Cornell Association of Professors Emeriti, but does not imply editorial responsibilities.

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  • Are Condorcet and minimax voting systems the best version 5b 

    Darlington, Richard (2019-11-15)
    For decades, the minimax voting system was well known to experts on voting systems, but was not widely considered to be one of the best systems. But in recent years, two important experts, Nicolaus Tideman and Andrew Myers, ...
  • Jared Lloyd Darlington obituary 

    Darlington, Richard (2019-11-06)
    Obituary for computer scientist Jared Lloyd Darlington (1933-2019)
  • You Need To Meet....Philippus Miller III 

    Unknown author (2019-09-25)
    Philippus Miller III was a primogeniture member of The Society of the Cincinnati. He was a 1983 graduate of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. At Cornell he was a member of Delta Chi fraternity, the Quill ...
  • The Substance of Civilization: Materials and Human History From the Stone Age to the Age of Silicon 

    Sass, Stephen L. (CornellCast, 2011-03-11)
    “How did materials help us become what we are today? Join Professor Stephen L. Sass as he discusses his book, The Substance of Civilization: Materials and Human History From the Stone Age to the Age of Silicon. “Materials ...
  • Kenneth I. Greisen Memorial Service 

    Unknown author (2019)
    Kenneth Greisen, Professor Emeritus of Physics is remembered as a cosmic ray physicists, member of the detonation system team for the Manhattan Project, graduate student mentor, physics teacher and re-designer of introductory ...

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