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dc.contributor.authorEnriquez, Oscar R.
dc.contributor.authorPeters, Ivo R.
dc.contributor.authorGekle, Stephan
dc.contributor.authorSchmidt, Laura
dc.contributor.authorVersluis, Michel
dc.contributor.authorvan der Meer, Devaraj
dc.contributor.authorLohse, Detlef
dc.description.abstractA round disk with a harmonic disturbance impacts on a water surface and creates a non-axisymmetric cavity which collapses under the influence of hydrostatic pressure. We use disks deformed with mode m=2 to m=6. For all mode numbers we find clear evidence for a phase inversion of the cavity wall during the collapse. We present a fluid dynamics video showing high speed imaging of different modes, pointing out the characteristic features during collapse.en_US
dc.subjectCavity collapseen_US
dc.subjectFluid dynamicsen_US
dc.titleCollapse of Non-axisymmetric Cavitiesen_US
dc.typevideo/moving imageen_US

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