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This is a collection of Cooperative Extension Administration Biographies.

Recent Submissions

  • Biography: Donald Tobias 

    Tobias, Donald (College of Human Ecology, 2009)
    Biography of Donald Tobias, Extension Associate, Sr, Cornell Cooperative Extension.
  • Biography: Evalina Irish-Spencer 

    Irish-Spencer, Evalina (College of Human Ecology, 2009)
    Biography of Evalina Irish-Spencer, Extension Associate, Cornell Cooperative Extension.
  • Biography: John Nettleton 

    Nettleton, John (College of Human Ecology, 2007)
    Biography of John Nettleton, Extension Associate,Sr, Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Biography: Josephine Swanson 

    Swanson, Josephine (College of Human Ecology, 2008)
    Biography of Josephine Swanson, Extension Associate,Sr., Cornell Cooperative Extension.
  • Biography: Barbara Eshelman 

    Eshelman, Barbara (College of Human Ecology, 2007)
    Biography of Barbara Eshelman, Extension Associate,Sr. of Cornell Cooperative Extension.


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