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I characterize my new media artwork using the following keywords: research-driven, collaborative, investigative, trans-disciplinary, dialogical, instructive and experimental. I consider my process--which is often times indistinguishable from the product--as a kind of "think tank." The thinking is ongoing; it may begin on my own but usually moves into a collaborative setting and ultimately advances through some sort of public engagement. I do not publish "white papers," but instead the content takes on a form most suitable for the occasion or that will connect with the broadest audience. This may include a web site, video, installation, performance, toolkit, workshop, lecture or combination of these elements.


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    2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Singer, Brooke (2009-06-22T15:28:33Z)
    Windfall is a creative exploration into how individuals can engineer, implement and advance wind turbine technology for the purpose of generating power for self-consumption. My primary motivation for this project is to contribute to the dialogue surrounding our energy crisis. This project tackles difficult social, political and environmental problems through embracing a tried and true-but somewhat forgotten-technology, the windmill. Using the windmill as a starting point, I want to create a series of wind-driven sculptures, first in rural and then in urban environments, that brings joy and amusement to people. Simultaneously, and with the help of digital networking, the project will disseminate information about the real and future potential of a past agricultural icon. Like all of my work, Windfall is a blend of art, technology and activism that seeks to address difficult problems using innovation, collective action and unconventional techniques.
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    2008 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Singer, Brooke (2009-06-08T19:02:27Z)
    For Renew Media I propose further development of a current work-in-progress, Superfund365. Superfund365, A Site-A-Day, is an online data visualization application of the worst 365 Superfund sites in the United States. The data visualization is accompanied by a news feed and weekly email travelogue.