Steinkamp, Jennifer

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My work has dealt with the issue of poetic justice in varying degrees for quite along time. My earliest works involved a poetic response to feminist politics and the injustices I experienced around me. I set out to create a sensual space within architecture from a very female point of view. A few years ago, the American "justice" system run by radical conservatives put their candidate in the presidential office; since then, my work has contained messages of peace and commentary on war. I created a work titled "Jimmy Carter" named after the former US president who is a great humanitarian. The US with its ridiculous corporatised media is controlling the thoughts of the populous by not giving a clear picture of the world situation; and in addition it is very difficult to make any criticism of US policies without being labeled unpatriotic. As a result, I named my art after Jimmy Carter who stands for peace and progress throughout the world. This was a way to criticize US policies while remaining patriotic.


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    2007 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Steinkamp, Jennifer (2009-03-31T16:19:24Z)
    I have the opportunity to create LED columns along the Hollywood Walk of Fame; the art will be part of a new building development, mixed use shopping and apartments on the Vine street section. I propose to incorporate LED panels as architectural columns. I would like to work with the famous names along my section of the street.