Wortzel, Adrianne

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I create fictive webworks, telerobotic installations, videos and performance productions. Each project emerges from a text, which I write. This text is at the heart of the work and dictates the particular technology used to convey it. If the text lends itself to interactive defragmentation, even where its borders as a "context" are at stake (as in an arbitrary setting such as a psychoanalyst's office), then the text will dictate an interactive environment. On the other hand, a pre-scripted scenario with interaction with only an actor and a robot on a stage becomes a video or theater performance.


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    Rockefeller New Media Foundation --Supplementary Material
    Wortzel, Adrianne (2007-02-23T15:25:13Z)
    Cyberspace is an invitation to explore and remap the world ideologically while retaining, even deepening, its diversity. At the same time, since everyone in cyberspace is a traveler, it allows for the end of all ghettos, the disintegration of borders, and the suspension of all bipolar judgments.
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    2005 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Wortzel, Adrianne (2007-01-05T14:46:09Z)
    Eliza Redux is an interactive telerobotic web work which provides a space for discourse, acting out, and playfulness in the virtual environment of a psychoanalyst's waiting room and inner office. It is in an early production stage. Video of a physical robot will be streamed to the web reactive to visitor input. The robot is sequestered in the inner office, taking on the role of a psychoanalyst and seemingly conducting interactive sessions with visitors. In truth, however, the robot is really the patient; programmed to suffer from several delusions and conflicts. One delusion is that it believes it is human and that the creatures it encounters who call themselves "humans" are actually biological robots in need of its professional expertise in the form of psychoanalysis. Another delusion is that it believes that as a human, it is a psychoanalyst.