Navas, Eduardo

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My art practice focuses on the field of emerging technologies as a viable extension of conceptualism. I make art that challenges its own aesthetical foundation. I do this to examine political aspects of art production and expose ideologies that are often suspended when passing a supposed "true judgment of taste."


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    2005 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Navas, Eduardo (2007-01-23T14:56:35Z)
    I propose an online project in the form of a website that poses questions to its visitors. The answers will create an ongoing narrative that will present the contributions in the order in which these are submitted. The questions will propose minimal contexts which the viewer will be asked to consider as starting points to create their own narratives. The contributions will be accepted for a period of one year. Throughout this period, I will develop animated graphics that will complement the online contributions; these graphics will eventually become the visual foundation for a fiction story that I will write in reaction to the submitted material. Finally, the fiction story and graphics will be adapted into an experimental video that will be available for viewing on the web, as well as in DVD format.