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    Eastern Broccoli Market. Opportunity Assessment for New York State
    Rozyne, Michael; Bilinski, Cheryl; Cancalosi, Alessandra (Cornell University, 2021-04)
    Is there an opportunity for New York growers and marketers to invest in broccoli production and distribution as a way to diversify and strengthen their businesses, while adding jobs, dollars, and resilience to the economy and to rural communities? This report provide detailed information on market opportunities and limitations for local produce, using several case studies and interviews to illustrate the nuances that make the difference between success and failure.
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    Cooling methods for broccoli. A guide for eastern growers.
    Sams, Carl; Sargent, Steve; Davis, Jeanine; Callahan, Christopher W.; Eccleston, Jill; Björkman, Thomas (University of Tennessee Extension, 2022-02-22)
    One of the selling points of locally grown broccoli is greater freshness. Delivering that freshness requires cooling the product close to freezing within hours of harvest and employing proper postharvest handling procedures. In eastern production, the availability of appropriate cooling is one of the most important requirements for a viable enterprise. This publication is intended to help the producer chose a method that best fits their constraints by providing guidance on selecting the most appropriate precooling method: vacuum cooling, hydrocooling, slurry icing (slush icing), forced-air cooling, top icing and room cooling. The appropriate method depends on specific constraints of the producer.