Knep, Brian

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I strive to create works that pull people out of their daily experience into a new way of feeling, understanding, or seeing the world. Some of my pieces are small and intimate while others are very large in scale, but all explore personal and cultural aspects of change, healing and memory.


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    2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Knep, Brian (2009-05-07T17:26:38Z)
    Healing Pool is a large, interactive floor piece. It takes the physical space and meditative atmosphere of a reflecting pool, such as in the outdoor mall in Washington, D.C., and brings it to life. The pool is covered in organic patterns that, when left alone, slowly pulsate and shift. When a person walks across the floor, however, the patterns pull away, creating wounds that heal once the person has left. The healed pattern, however, is not the same as before the interaction, it grows back differently each time. Thus the patterns of the pool hold a history, or memory, of all the interactions that have occurred since the piece was first installed and turned on. The piece also responds to the passage of time, subtly shifting colors and patterns over the course of the day and over the course of the installation period.
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    2007 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Knep, Brian (2009-03-30T17:03:38Z)
    In Spring of 2006 Harvard University commissioned a work of art as the culmination of my year-long residency. Choosing Memorial Hall as a venue and using the Civil War as a metaphor for unfinished healing, I created Deep Wounds, a piece about memory, history, pain and reconciliation.